Variants of Knitting Pattern African Flower

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Popular in recent times and very beautiful motive African flower is used for knitting toys, interior items, clothes and accessories. 

For example, for a cover on a pillow or a stool, usually motifs with 5 or 6 vertices are used. 

In order to give toys the desired shape, you need motifs of different configurations. The motif of the African flower can have from 3 to 8, and in some cases even more peaks. The combination of different motifs allows you to create toys with fairly complex patterns.

Motifs African flower can be knit with one color or change the color of the yarn in each row - the color solution of the motive and finished products depends only on your imagination. If you plan to use multi-colored motifs in a product, then in order for the thing to look harmonious, knit 1 or 2 last rows of each motif with the main color. 

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