Step by step large flower

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Starting with the element "knob". We knit a chain of VP and 

tie it with a SBS. We knit in a spiral, making additions first through the loop, then less often. 

We knit with the back loop. 

The result should be a thimble shape. 

In the last row, we knit without additions. It should turn in a circle of 20 columns. 

We turn to the petals. We knit a chain from VP (10-11) 

Then we begin to knit different- 

sized columns on it, reaching the center of the flower. Attach it to the same loop from where we started. 

We turn the knitting and knit the crochet-posts to the back loop of the previous row. It will be a hem. The front loops will be used in the next row. 

We are doing several VP (5-6)

Knit a column with nakida last loop is not the last row (this rail, it will remain), and in the loop, which in the previous row was the front (now it has become the back, with some strapping) 

alternating CH 2Bn to the end of the row 

Make prikrep again in the the same loop as the previous row 

Turn the knitting and again knit the sc for the back loop (hem) 

Again we make several VP (their number can be changed so that the petals are different) We 

return on it with different- 

sized columns. attach, 

turn knitting and knitting I eat SBN (scar) 

Reaching the end of the row, again knit a chain of VP 

and on it CH and 2VP

We tie to the end of the row and do the attachment to the next loop after the one where we did it before. 

We turn and knit the sc for the back wall (scar). 

We turn and knit first a pair of blind loops, and then different- 

sized posts to the end of the row. Attach to the same loop as the previous one. row 

then 2 blind loops in a circle. 

We turn to the second petal. We knit it the same way. 

When all the petals are tied, we take a thread for strapping (thin viscose) and begin to tie the petals with a rachim step. 

Tying all the petals, proceed to the central part and continue the strapping with a rachim step behind the front loop in a spiral, moving towards the middle of the middle of the flower 

B end of the thread cut off

We stretch on the wrong side and fasten with glue "Crystal" (otherwise slippery thread can be dismissed) 

Threads hide in knitting 

stripped our flower and get it here 

With the same beginning (shishechka) fit and the flower

Tying the knob (12 columns in the last row), we knit the petals according to the scheme (I apologize for the quality - done by hand). Perhaps a better description: 11 VP, then, having passed 3 VP, we knit 3 CH, 3 semi-columns with a crochet and 2 SBNs. Attach with the base in the same loop. We turn, 2 VP, half column without single crochet in the 3rd loop, 2VP, SN in the 6th loop, 2VP, a column with 2 naquids over the last row of the previous row, but second tie with the last loop. Turn. 3СН, 3 semi-columns with a crochet, 2СБН. Attached to the same loop. 2 deaf loops in a circle and the second petal is knitted in the same way ... When all the petals are connected, we tie them up with single crochets, and then do the binding with viscose thread. 


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