Crochet icat Covers for the Phone

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Today, a mobile phone is not just a convenient means of communication, but also the second "I" of its owner. Appearance, options, price - everything matters.
Important are also telephone accessories, for example, a cover for a mobile phone. Down with boring, stiff covers! You can approach the "clothes" of your phone creatively!
We offer a master class on knitting kotachehla. If you have an iPhone, why not make iCat?

The needlewomen can easily connect this case using our description!
The cover is crocheted with columns without a crochet. Step number 1 - we knit the bottom. Step number 2 - we begin to knit the pillars without a crochet in a circle, we do not make any increments. Step number 3 - we knit further until the desired height is reached. Step number 4 - with bells with a crochet we remove the ears.

We knit the eyes.
Step number 5 - we knit in a circle, the oval is obtained due to the increments along the edges. Step number 6 - we tie a series without increments, then a row with margins at the edges. Step number 7 - we bandage the resulting oval in half - there are already 2 eyes. Step number 8 - we fill our eyes with cotton wool, we sew on the front side pupils - beads.

Paws and tail.
Step number 9 - with the pillars without the crochet, we knit in circles 4 paws. Step number 10 - similarly we knit a tail (this is optional). Step number 11 - sewing eyes, paws, tail, embroider a dazzling smile. And then - everything is decided by your imagination: embroider the inscription iCat, fish strung on a string, flowers, hearts, names of loved ones ...

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