Crochet Bulk Flower Free Pattern

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Threads-cotton-100 gr. -530 m., hook 1.3 
1. Dial 8 air n. Enclose the chain in the ring connection. 

2. To tie a ring of 12th century of biological history, introducing a hook into the center of the ring. Finish connection with the first loop of the row. 

3. Knit the arches of the air, alternating the number of loops - the first arch-5 air, the second 9 air. etc., skipping 1 p. of the previous row. 

4. To tie arches of 5 height. in the following order: 1 st.b.n., polustolbik, 7 st.ns n., polustolbik, 1 st.b.n. 

5. Change the thread color by attaching a new thread to the loop between the arch, consisting of 5 air lines. To tie up the arch of 9 height. 20 items of s. N. Attach every last one in the series st. 1 st.b.n. between the arches. 

6 Hide the remaining tip under the loop on the wrong side. 

It turns out the bulk # flower with 6 petals.

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