Women Long Booties Free Pattern

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DIMENSIONS Girth - approx. 20 cm, length - approx. 37 cm 
Yarn (75% sheep wool, 25% polyamide; 420 m / 100 g) - approx. 100 g yellow; set of stocking needles №2,5. 
Knit in circular rows according to the above scheme. The rapport shown in the diagram = 9 p. Repeat 7 times. For slat krug.r. And repeat 12 times, then constantly repeat the 1-3 rd round. = openwork pattern. In conclusion, for the toe, tie the 151–158th circle 1 time. 
31 p. X 46 krug.r. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with an openwork pattern with needles No. 2.5. 
Perform a twisted cruciform set 63 p., Distribute loops on 4 needles = 16/16/16/15 p., Close the work in a ring, mark the transition from row to row. 
Knit according to the above scheme with the following alternation of rows: knit 3 cm for a slider = repeat round. And 12 times, then for the tops and feet, constantly repeat the 1-3rd round. 
After 32.5 cm = 150 krug.r. From the plank or after reaching the desired length, start performing the delays for the toes. To do this, knit the 151–158 round 1 time. 
Pull out the remaining 7 points as follows: pull the end of the thread with the free needle twice through the remaining loops, tighten tightly and sew inside the sock.
On the toes with a spiral pattern, the height of the model or the length of the foot as part of the rapport can be lengthened or shortened. For larger or smaller diameter socks, you can simply take the needles for 0.25 or 0.5 numbers more or less. 

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