Baby Vest with Buttons Free Pattern

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Vest with buttons 
Yarn Vita Brilliant (100г/380м, wool laster 45%, acrylic 55%), 200 g in 2 strands, spokes № 3.5 (№ 3 and № 2.5 on the yoke) 
Right shelf, backrest and left shelf: 
Knitted One cloth: Dial 158 n Knit Rubber Band 2 * 2 156 P and 2 edge 6 rows. Further the 6th of the 9 persons 3 of 2 persons three of the two faces three of the nine persons of 92 of the nine persons of the three two persons of 3, 2 of the 3, 9 persons, of the nine people, are three. At the right height, we start simultaneously to close the yoke and armholes. Close the first 20 p knitting on the figure 17 p close for the Armlet 4 n knitting 17 Izn close 40 p knitting 17 Izn close to the Armlet 4 n knit on the figure to the end of the unfolding knitting and close 20p for armholes close another 2 1 1 1 for Yoke 4 3 2 1. 
Dial 174 n Knit Rubber Band 2 * 2 in the 15 row of the loop of the strap together and knit on two faces 1 of through seven rows to take the spokes № 3 and knit yet up to 30 rows in the 31 row knitting 1 faces 2 together (faces and the previous range) must remain alone facial turn on the spokes № 2.5 and knit 12 facial rows, close all loops. 
Dial 18 p. On the spokes № 3.5. Projazit 15 p. Front Gladi, 3 p. Gum 2х2, close loops. 
Laths We dial on № 2.5 8 loops and knitting of the necessary length without kromovyi looks better, on one lath do apertures for buttons. 
Steaming all the pieces of the yoke to give a kind of circle. Sew the planks and the yoke. At the edge of the neck to bend the upper rows and sew from the wrong side. Sew a button. Sew Pockets


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