Knitted Baby Shoes Tutorial

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About yarn I can not say anything - I knit from oooochen old remnants. Spokes 3 number. 

To connect the sole of garter stitch - 50 rows. 
I knitted figure, starting with 4 loops (+ edge), ending with 8 loops: At the edges, type 60 loops and knit 6 more rows of facial smoothness: Perform a hem, using the first row of stitches: Split the knitting for the spout and the heel (the number of loops should be odd: 31 + 29), tie a rope for a spout with a pink thread. At the edges, thread on the spokes on an additional loop, which will be edged with a separate multi-colored knitting

To knead the English band with 11 rows. In the 12th (front) row, tie 8 loops, then make 8 adjustments, tying the front loop together with the back one. Expand knitting and knit with garter stitching, at the end of each row, knit 2 together with the side of the spout: Next, knit with a gray thread for the 9-10 rows of stitches on the underside of the stitch. To bend and pull behind the loops of the first gray row. Close the hinges: The nail is ready. Next knit a heel - 29 loops white thread. Do not forget to put edge straps around the edges. Knitting: 11 loops of garter stitch along the sides and 7 loops of English gum on the very heel. After 12 rows, go to the gray thread for the kuliska - 10 rows of purl hair. Bend the kuliska and close the hinges:

Sew a socks and a heel, to insert a lace (the lace passes in a kylisk of a heel 2 times): booties-shoes are ready!

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