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We knit with knitting needles "Peacock's tail"
Knit with knitting needles "Peacock's tail", such an interesting wavy pattern. Using only facial, purl loops and nakidy, we knit with knitting needles "Peacock's tail".

Indeed, the "Peacock Tail" is tied simply and the pattern from the front rows is very nice.

This pattern is used for knitting scarves, both female and children, and also looks great on sports caps. For this knitting, one should not use thick yarn, the threads will be medium or thinner. The pattern "Peacock's tail" can be performed in several ways. Today I want to suggest the two most interesting options, which are not difficult to knit, but look great.

You remember well that everything begins with a pattern of knitting. If you like the pattern, then this design can be done for yourself any product .

To connect the pattern of the "Peacock Tail" pattern, 38 loops should be typed on the spokes. And further detailed how to perform two variants of knitting this pattern. In addition, the pictures clearly show a ready-made sample of each of the pattern variants.

Option 1

So, the first version of the pattern, on the spokes already typed 38 loops and edge loops here are taken into account.

1 row: 3 times 2 loops together is out. a loop, further, * накид, 1 persons. loop - this is repeated 6 times (i.e., knit: a napkin and 1 face, a loop, then again, a cape and 1 face, a loop and so on - 6 times), then 6 times 2 loops together. loop.

The second row is sewn with the whole of the wrong loops.

3 row tied all facial loops.

4 the row is tied with all the wrong loops.

Then the pattern from the first 1 row is repeated. That's all a simple description, and what a pretty pattern you get.:)

Option 2

Now, you can proceed to the second version of the pattern "Peacock Tail". In execution this option is very similar to the first, but the difference in the span of the wavy part of the pattern and here is the distance between the waves.

If you look at the picture on the left, it is very clear that here the strips between the waves are larger and the pattern itself is wider.

To perform the second option, you should also type 38 loops on the spokes and then knit like this:

1 row: 4 times 2 loops together is out. loop, * 1 person. repeat 8 times, further, 8 times 2 loops together is out. loop.

2 rows, 4 rows, 6 rows - are sewed with a back loop.

3 row, 5 row-tied with facial loops.

Well, there is a description, now it's left for a small one, to execute this pattern by yourself .:)

I think you'll like the pattern "Peacock's Tail". I must say that the first option is more suitable for thin yarn, there the pattern is more wavy. And if you have medium-thick yarn, feel free to use the second version of knitting.

I wish you success in your endeavors!

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