Cardigan cocoon of knitted fabric free pattern (english video tutorial)

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This thing is a symbiosis of a cardigan without buttons and a large scarf or cape in which it is convenient and cozy to wrap. 

The most difficult thing in the process of making this cardigan-cocoon is processing the edge of the knitwear, if you sew a thing from a finished knitted fabric. Details about this - in step 2. 

An option for those who knit is to knit a canvas of the desired size using knitting needles or crochets and then act as described in step 3 of the master class. 

The cardigan is suitable for different sizes: 

- knitted fabric; 
- suitable for the size of the hook or knitting needles for processing the edges of the canvas (depending on which processing method you choose, see step 2); 
- large needle for knitwear; 
- Contrast thick threads; 
- scissors; 
- clamps; 
- ruler; 
- sewing machine and matching color to the color of knit thread. 

For a cardigan you need one part measuring 100x75 cm. To cut a knitted fabric evenly, you can use life hacking: use a large needle with a contrasting thread to mark the cutting line, using one of the knitwear lines as a basis, and cut along the next row of the canvas (see photo). While laying the thread and cutting the canvas, leave small allowances along the lines of the part perpendicular to the direction of the thread (these are the short sides of the rectangle). 

Cut out the part, process its edges. 

At first, about the edges that run parallel to the direction of the thread of the knitted fabric (these are the long sides of the rectangle). To get a beautiful neat result, you can use the methods of processing the edges of the knitted fabric, described here and here (see step 7, on the processing of the bottom of the sleeves).

Another option: one by one, release the knit loops from thread trimming and pull the next loop through the previous one. The success of this method depends on the looseness of the knitted fabric, such a closure may slightly tighten the edge. 

Now - about processing edges perpendicular to the direction of the thread in the canvas. 

Find the thread that marks the lines of the short sides of the part. Step back 1-2 rows (depending on the thickness of the fabric and the knitting looseness, the distance is marked with a needle in the photo) and lay the line on the machine. Then cut the knitwear next to the stitch: the stitch will hold the yarn and the fabric will not bloom. Turn the edge inside out and sew. Remove the contrast thread. 

Detail of the cardigan fold face down in half. Sew the edges 15 cm.

More details - in the video (in English, but everything is clear)

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