Crochet Shawl Pink Bumps

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For manufacture of shawls in width of 200 and height 100 SM It was required 700, 0 g of a pink wool thread 1600m/100g in 5 complications (or 1 thread 320m/100g), a hook 4.0. For preservation of a flat form of a cloth in your variant shawls of addition in leaves can not coincide with a scheme, variant of a form of a toothed edge of a sheet chooses the skilled worker, folding work on a plane and estimating a form of a cloth.

The beginning of the shawl is a semicircle of three identical sectors with the smallest one in each. Close the ring of 6 VP and tie the 1st row-5 VP, 3 St with 2n with a common top and base in the ring, 5 VP, the next petal of 3 St with 2h, then on the scheme to impose facial and purl rows semicircular canvas.

The 14th row on the diagram is given completely, the 15th – partially (separately, starting from the 15th row, the scheme of the small cone 1) is drawn. In the next level above two ticks of the 27th row, two cones of 2 medium size begin, the shape of the jagged edge of the leaves and the addition in them, the number of ticks in the row may coincide with the scheme or, if the canvas is not obtained flat, change the master for Achieve the desired result. The location and size of the cones in the following tiers knit, focusing on the approximate arrangement of elements on the diagram or by choice. More light thread of the same thickness to tie a smooth edge of a shawl 1 near columns without a scale, and semicircular edge-shells (red colour on a scheme). Jagged edges of several leaves are also tied on the outer contour by shells (red color on the diagram), one shell under each column with 1 scale and one shell in each tick.

Tying all the leaves could make the shawl bulky, so it was made only for a few cones of different sizes.

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