Asymmetrical top with openwork pattern

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38/40 (44/46) 

BE CONSISTED Weave (100% cotton; 100 m / 50 g) - 250 (300) g of pestle; round knitting needles number 6; hook number 5. 


Because of the large number of loops, the model is recommended to knit in straight rows on circular knitting needles. 

knit in the facial rows of the lyseum, in the seamy side of the ribbons. 

The number of loops should be 10 + 2 chrome. 

Knit by the given scheme. On it are marked only the front rows. In the purses, all the loops and tails are knitted with the inside. 

Start with. and loops before rapport, repeat rapport, finish loops after rapport and chrome. In high repeat from 1st to 20th row. 

When making allowances and reductions, make sure that the number of attacks and knit together the hinge in the same row is the same. 

The knit on the knitting edge, which is not enough for a full rapport, knitted on the face with a smooth satin stitch, then at the expense of step by step included in the pattern. 

14 p. X 20 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

FITTING Up to the 
armored top is knitted as one piece in straight rows, with the sides of the knitting forming the left (with the nose) side seam of the top. 

Begin to knit from the right (at the time of the nose) side of the top. 

The arrow on the pattern of the pattern indicates the beginning of knitting. 


Type 6 (10) paragraphs and between the dark flowers start knitting with the middle 4 (8) paragraphs of the openwork pattern (= for size 38/40 from pattern A to pattern B, for size 44/46 from pattern C to version D) . 

At the same time, for bevels it is necessary to select from both sides, starting from the dialing row, in each of the 2nd p. 19 times 3 points (8 times 4 points and 11 times 3 points), added loops to view. 

20 cm = 40 p. from the dial-up row, add on both sides one more time 1 point = 122 (142) paragraph and then knit in a straight line, in this place the height of the left side seam is reached. 

Through 56 (54) cm = 112 (108) p. from a regular row, or through 36 (34) cm = 72 (58) p. from the side joint, the work should be divided in the middle, the first 61 (71) sections should be put aside for the rest, on the remaining 61 (71) sections the knit back, successively continuing pattern. 

Simultaneously close, starting from the division of work, for curbing in the 1st p. from the right edge 1 time 4 points, from the left edge 1 time 5 points (additional loop = seam allowance), then close in each 2nd p. 1 time for 3 points, 1 time for 2 points and 1 time for 1 item = 40 (50) p.  

Through 21 (23) cm = 42 (46) p. from the beginning of the first, close all the loops, with an average of 28 (32) n. forming the neckline, the outer 6 (9) n. with each side forming the lines of the shoulders. 

Now shift to the working needles of the deferred 61 (71) n. Before and continue to knit the pattern, with this, symmetrically make both holes from both sides. 

Simultaneously close the middle 6 (10) subsection through 6 (8) cm = 12 (16) p. and both sides end separately. 

To round out a cutout, close it from the inner edge in each 2nd p. 1 times 2 points and 5 times 1 point, then in each 4th p. zaĸryt 4 x 1 n. 

Vypolnit plechevye seams and trace bokovye seams. Cover the neckline, the armhole and the bottom edge with a tie at 1 corner.p. Art. b / n

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