Lace deuce top and bolero free pattern

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Size: 36/38 

You need: for top and bolero 250 g of gray Capri yarn (55% cotton, 45% polyacryl, 105 m / 50 g); Knitting needles number 5; hook number 4. 

Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. p. Density of knitting, openwork pattern: 18 p. and 23 p. = 10x10 cm

Openwork pattern for the top (width 81 p.): knit according to a scheme in which only persons are shown. r., in izn. R. all loops and na-kidy knit wear. Start with 1 chrome. and loops before rapport, repeat 2 times rapport, finish loops after rapport and 1 chrome. Repeat 10 times the 1st and 2nd p., 1 time from the 21st to the 42nd p., 9 times the 41st and 42nd p., 1 time from the 61st to the 142nd p. and 2 times from the 131st to the 142nd p. = only 166 p. 

Openwork pattern for a bolero (width 87 p.): Knit as an openwork pattern for a top, but for a back knit as follows: start with 1 chrome., Repeat 3 times rapport, finish first 13 p. Rapport and 1 chrome. Repeat 1 time from 69th to 118th p., Then repeat from 103rd to 118th p. All further distribution of loops and alternation of rows knit according to the instructions.


Back / front: dial a cross-shaped dial 81 n. And knit openwork pattern. Through 21.5 cm = 50 p. from the edge of the dial, close for advertizing on both sides of 1 point and in each 10-m p. 4 x 1 p. (Diminutions are marked on both sides) = 71 p. Through 48 cm = 110 p. from the edge of the dial close for armholes on both sides of 3 s., then subtract in each 2nd p. 6 x and in each 4th p. 2 x 1 n. As follows: at the beginning of p. after edge perform 1 broach (see Legend); at the end of r. to edge knit 2 p. together persons. At the same time through 50.5 cm = 116 p. close the middle section of the neckline for the neckline and finish both sides separately. For the bevel, subtract from the inner edge in each 2nd p. 12 x 1 n. As follows: to the inner chrome. knit 2 items together persons., after the inner chrome. perform 1 broach. Through 72 cm = 166 p.

Assembly: Stitch seams and side seams; to tie a neckline and armhole 1 circular p. "Rach'ogo pitch" (= Art. B / n from left to right). 


Back: dial a cross-shaped dial 87 p. And knit openwork pattern. 

Attention! To compensate for the number of loops knit at the beginning and end of the 101st p. the pattern after and before the edge only 2 pp together persons. After 21 cm = 48 p. from the typesetting edge (= after the 116th p. of the pattern) close for armholes on both sides of 3 points and in each of the 2nd p. 5 x 1 item = 71 item. Make sure that the number of na-kids from the edge corresponds to the number of loops knitted together and vice versa. After 39 cm = 90 p. (= after the 110th p. of the pattern) from the edge of the dial, close all the loops, while the average 33 points form the neckline, the outer 19 points on each side are the shoulders.

Left shelf: for a shelf and tie, dial 75 points and knit with an openwork pattern as follows: chrome., Repeat rapport 3 times, finish 1st paragraph after rapport and 1 chrome. After 15 p. from the typesetting edge or, respectively, in the 84th p. pattern (= izr. p.) close the first 48 p. for the tie and the remaining 27 n. knit on the pattern. Run on the right side armhole as on the back; the remaining 19 p. shoulder close at the height of the backrest. 

Right shelf: knit symmetrically. 

Sleeves: dial the 51 cross-section and knit with an openwork pattern as follows, while starting from the 89th p. pattern: start with chrome. and the last 6 pp rapport, repeat 1 rapport, finish the first 19 pp rapport and chrome.

Attention! In the 89th, 91st and 93rd p. pattern knit after and before chrome. only 2 pp together persons. Through 9.5 cm = 22 p. from the typesetting edge, close for douche the sleeves on both sides 4 s., in each 2nd p. 1 x 2 and 1 x 1 p., In each 4th p. 5 x 1 p. And in every 2nd p. Зх1,1х2 and 1хЗп. Through 25 cm = 58 p. close the remaining 11 p. from the typesetting edge. 

Assemble: perform shoulder seams; to tie the edges of the shelves from / to the tie and neckline 1 p. "Rach'ogo pitch" (= Art. B / n from left to right). Sew in sleeves, complete side seams and sleeve seams.

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