Crochet Summer Tunic Pattern

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Size: 38-40 for knitting summer Sarafan We need: yarn Diva (100% microfiber acrylic, 350 m/100 g)-100 g 8 different colors, hook № 1.8.

Description of the knitting of Sarafan:

Before you start, make a full-size product pattern.

Before: Dial the initial chain of 120. P. and knit according to the scheme 1. After tying 1 element, cut the thread, attach another color and continue knitting the same pattern. By tying 6 elements of the pattern in height, not forgetting to alternate colors, perform the extension of the canvas. To do this, in the second row of the scheme evenly increase the number of bars with the scale of 5 "shells" (see diagram 2). Next, knit on the scheme of six more colored stripes straight. Put the part aside.

Backrest: Knit like a front.

Straps (2 details): Dial the chain from the Length of 30 cm and knit on the scheme of 6 rows.

Assembly: Follow the side seams. Sew the straps, leaving for armholes of 10 cm on each side. Moisten the product, leave until completely dry.

Pattern and pattern for the knitting of Sarafan:

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