Crochet Vest Free Pattern

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. Intention
丿 厶 Eight long work a 0 冫 Hu eight Kiss 
A 〈36d. 230g = 5 Yuli, pin 
“ . No. 2/No. 0
. ℃ plus 0 inch chest leaned 90cm Zhang
50cm Low 32cm 
. The same as the 1 model di ℃5cm,
10CM℃17 segment 
. Editor Ren 丿 hectares Dagger the body, 5
Make 0 mesh B, Mold editor office ℃ Nam. Upper Primer Fount
Pinene predecessor hectares about symmetrical IZ2 pieces of the office 
Witty seven ". The shoulders are drawn and not done. Lock the cheek,
Sleeve down Rail 0 ℃. Yi U
Susono The former state. Geumcheon Editor
Resume B cuff to office Jen 
Restoration of the B-ci mine. 

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