Crochet Sweater and Beret Pattern

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Sleeves: On the Spokes 7 dial 37 (40) 
P. and knit individuals. Surface starting from 1 
IPMs. R. For bevels add to both 
Of the parties in the 6th R. From the set edge 1 
X 1 P., for this at the beginning of a series of Vyvja- 
Ty after the 2nd p., at the end of the row before 
Sizes: 36/38 (40/42) 
Different data for size 
40/42 are given in parentheses. If the 
Zano one value, it concerns 
to both dimensions. 
You need: 550 (600) G Cee- 
Ta cyclamen (39) Yarn DAC 
Grossa PTA MODA CASHMERE (800/0 
Sheep (Merino) wool, 15% 
Cashmere, 5% polyamide, 90 m/50 g); 
Straight Spokes NQ 7 and GM! 8. 
Facial Surface: Persons, p,-persons, p., IPMs, 
R.-IPMs. P. 
Pattern with braids: knit according to the scheme. Digital 
Roy from the left edge is marked IPMs. R. 
Numbers from the right-side of the person. R. In 
All the IPMs not shown on the scheme. R. 
Hinges knit on the drawing. Width 
Start with 15 (18) p. To the 1st arrow, 
Repeat between the arrows 14 p. 
Rapport, Finish 5 (8) p. After 
2-nd arrows. in height run with 
1st to 19th R. 1 times, then repeat 
From 8th to 19th p. 
Density of knitting. Persons. Surface, sleep- 
CI GM? 8:14.5 p. and 22 R. = 10 x 10 cm; 
Pattern with braids, spokes 8:17 p. and 20 
R. = 10x10 See. 
Backrest: On the spokes NQ 7 dial 78 
(84) p. and knit between chrome. Pattern 
With braids, distributing loops like 
Above, and start with 1 
IPMs. R., as shown in the diagram. After 
7th R. From the set edge knit Yes- 
NQ 8. Through 35 cm = 71 R. 
From the set edge mark from both 
Of the parties began to armholes and further knit 
Right. Through 21 (22) cm = 42 (44) p. 
From the beginning armholes all loops close, 
At the same time, over the hinges of braid 
2x 2 p. Together persons. To make the edge not 
It was too wide. 
Before: Knit like a back. 
Last 2 p. 1 persons. Skreshh. Of 
The cross-thread, then in each 
8-th R. 7H1 p. And in each 6-th R. 5 
X 1 P. In the same way = 63 (66) p. 
Starting from the 7th R. From the set edge 
Knitting further spokes 8. Through 45 

Size: Head circumference 54-56 cm, 
Cap height 25 cm 
You need: 100 g color Vial- 
Ki melange (color 4) yarn [APA 
Grossa PTA My Superbaby 
(67% of sheep (merino) Cher- 
30% of lamb alpaca wool, 
3% polyamide, 60 m/50 g); Set 
Hosiery Spokes Nq8 and 9; 1 Black/ 
Color Eggplant fur Pompom 
Firm [APA Grossa. 
Gum: Alternately 2 persons., 2 IPMs. 
Facial surface, Circular series: VE- 
Ty only persons. 
Density of knitting, persons. Surface, sleep- 
CI NQ d: 12 p. and 16 p. 
= 10x 10 cm. 
Performance of work: on hosiery 
Needles 8 Dial 56 p., the 
Divide them into 4 spokes of 14 p. 
Each spoke), wink in the ring 
and tie for plank b cm = 11 switchgear 
Oftrade R. Gum. In the last 
A circular row of planks to untie 4 
Times after each 14th p. 1 Skreshh. 
From the transverse thread = 60 p. Then 
Knitting Needles 9 persons. Surface. 
Through 12.5 cm = 20 circular R. From 
The planks start to perform ubavle- 
The top of the cap. For this 
Knit as follows. Gee 
Circular R.: 10 Persons, 2 p. provja- 
Ty together persons., repeat from • 4 
Times = 55 p.; 22nd circular P; • 9 
Persons., 2 p. To knit together persons., 
Repeat from * 4 times = 50 p.; 23rd 
Circular R.: • 8 persons, 2 p. To bind 
Together persons., repeat from * 4 times = 
45 p.; 24th Circular R.: * 7 persons, 2 p. 
To knit together persons., repeat 
from * 4 times = 40 p.; 25th Circular 
* 6 persons., 2 p. To knit together 
Persons., repeat from • 4 times = 35 
P.; 26th circular R.: • 5 persons, 2 p. 
To knit together persons. Try again 
from * 4 times = 30 p.; 27th Circular R.: 
4 persons., 2 p. To knit together 
Persons., repeat from • 4 times = 25 
* H persons, 2 p. 
P.; 23rd Circular R. 
To knit together persons. Try again 
From • 4 times = 20 p.; 29th Circular R.: 
• 2 persons., 2 p. To knit together persons., 
Repeat from • 4 times = 15 p.: 30.:. Y 
1 persons., 2 p. To bind 
Together persons., repeat from • 4 times 
10 p.; 31st Circular R.: Knit by 
2 p. Together persons. = 5 p. remaining 
5 p. Steal the working thread. Thread 
On the inside of the cap thorough- 
To be refueled. Top of Cap 

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