Spring Tunic Free Pattern

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The house was the packaging of the yarn by Alize Superlana Classic 132. 
Ingredients: 25% wool, 75% Acrylic, 100 gr. 280 m. Classic yarn. 

On the label are recommended Spokes 4. Actually approached 3. Others were very loose.
I tied a sample and counted it. We believe so-for example typed 20 loops and strapped 10 cm.
Washed, sewed. Now we measure. I got it-3 loops in 1 cm. Who will have questions how to count, write, tell. 

Then the question arose about the selection of the picture.
I did not knit a simple elastic band because the loops danced. Both classic and Granny. But I remembered one gum that taught me to knit a good old woman by Vera. She's a rubber band.

I can't draw a scheme. But I'll try to explain. Here's a photo of gum.
For the sample, dial 10 loops and the first row knit 1 Izn, 1 persons. And so on.
In the second row knit all the purls, and facial simply peresnimaete on the working spokes, thread at work.
In the third row knit on the figure.
The front side will be that part of the canvas where you shoot the face loop.
The elastic band will be beautiful, a loop to a buttonshoe.

But the cross of the picture in the middle of the front shelf did so-at the rate of 28 loops. The Spit there is large, and I decided to make a big.
With the schemes decided, so you can move on. 
The canvas in the unfolded form looks like this-
I'm not Picasso.

Tunic wide, the canvas is smooth. My hips are wide, girth 102, and my chest is 92. To the tunic was free, but did not really throw the difference between the girth of the chest and hips I decided to make the width of the tunic 105.
Calculation standard. 105/2 = 52,5 rounded to 52.

At first I began to knit a back, but in vain. The thing is that it took me 2 skein, and in a pack of 5. And then I decided to leave the backrest and switch to the front. I took two balls at once, and started knitting. 50/2 = 25 cm. And naturally counted the picture. I had 14 loops on the Spit.
Braids I perekreshhivala in every 23rd row.

But I'm out of threads. The thing is, there's one tangle left. And I did not let it flow because Alize has such a feature-in the new batch of thread color may be different! But we'll outsmart them. Don't let the job down?

Just the remaining tangle divided in half and with the continuation of knitting, 1 row knit ball with the country Party, and a series of new, then through two rows, three, alternating balls. As a result, the canvas is aligned in color.
But now I will leave you, because the dollar grows higher and higher, yarn to buy more and more difficult. The second week I'm looking for her in stores and warehouses. When I find it, I'll finish my Mk.
Thank you all for your attention.
I apologize in advance, this is my first Mk.

And finally I found these strings! Knitted so enthusiastically that the tunic turned the dress!!!
I was tying the neck like this:
The shoulder seams connected, and that part where there is a scythe knitting separately on spokes and Perekreshhivala, then has tied to a backrest.

Washed and spread
Then passed the steam generator, because the kind of gum which I used strongly pulls product, and the other would not make a beautiful gum!

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