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DROPS ALPACA yarn (100% alpaca, 50 g / 167 m) 7-7-7-9-10-10 hanks of color 01 and DROPS yarn KID-SILK (75% mohair, 25% silk, 25 g / 200 m) 6-6-6-7-8-8 skeins of color 01, knitting needles circular 4.5 mm and 5 mm 

Knitting density 
17 loops and 22 rows = 10x10 cm front stitch on knitting needles 5 mm thread in 2 additions 
18 loops and 23 rows = 10x10 cm front stitch on knitting needles 4.5 mm thread in 2 additions 

Description of a sweater with needles for women 
Note: on the diagrams of patterns all rows are shown when viewed from faces. parties.

Subtraction: 2 p. Together izn. 

Additions: to perform in persons. using nakidov, in footprint. A row of nakida knit faces. cross loops. 


On the spokes of 4.5 mm, dial 124-130-140-150-160-174 points with a thread in 2 additions and execute 1 outg. sm., then continue with elastic: 2 items with shawl pattern, A.5, A.1a 1-1-2-2-2-3 times, A.2a, A.3a, A.2a, A.4a 1-1-2-2-2-3 times, A.6, 2 n. Shawl pattern. Repeat the first 2 rows of patterns to a height of 4 cm, then knit left. 2 rows according to the schemes = 106-112-118-128-138-148 p. Go to the spokes of 5 mm and continue: 2 p. With a shawl pattern, 4-7-4-9-14-13 p. With the front satin stitch, A. 1b 1-1-2-2-2-3 times, A.2b, A.3b, A.2b, A.4b 1-1-2-2-2-3 times, 4-7-4-9- 14-13 p. Face smooth, 2 p. Garter pattern. Knit on the pattern and after 14 cm from the typesetting edge, type 1 p. At the end of the trace. 2 rows, these loops knit shawl pattern.

After 46-47-48-49-50-51 cm for armored sleeves, close the 2-2-3-4-4-5 paragraph at the beginning of the trace. 2 rows, then knit on 1 p. shawl pattern on each side. Through 63-65-67-69-71-73 cm, uniformly subtract 4 points to the center. 24 p. = 100-106-110-118-128-136 p. In the next. persons to close the center of the neckline. 20 p., Finish both parts of the backrest separately. In the next row on each side to close 1 p. = 39-42-44-48-53-57 p. Through 65-67-69-71-73-75 cm to knit 2 rows with a shawl pattern on all the loops, at the same time on each side, evenly subtract 3 p. = 36-39-41-45-50-54 p. Run 1 row of persons. p. and close the loop in the trail. ex. 


Knit as a back to a height of 58-59-60-61-62-63 cm. In the next. A number of knit on the pattern and at the same time on the center. 14 p. Uniformly subtract 4 p. Go to these loops for extra. knitting needle and finish both sides of the forehand separately. In the neckline on each side close each row: 2 n. 2 times and 1 n. 2 times. Finish knitting as for back. 


Dial 44-44-49-49-54-54 p. Thread in 2 additions on the spokes of 4.5 mm and knit 1 i.r. out.p., then continue: crom.p., gum 2x3 (2 person.p., 3 izp.p.) to last. 3 loops, 2 person., Chrome. After 5 cm, evenly reduce 6-4-7-7-10-10 p. = 38-40-42-42-44-46 p. Go to the spokes of 5 mm and continue with the face of the surface, after 8 cm perform the addition of 1 p. On each side, repeat the series of additions in each 4th row 15-14-13-10-6-4 p. and then in every 2nd row 1-3-4-9-14-17 p. = 70-74-76-80-84-88 p. After 40-40-39-38-36-35 cm close all loops. 


Run shoulder seams. Sew the sleeves, complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves, leaving 14 cm open for each incision for cuts. For a collar with needles, 4.5 mm should be raised along the edge of the neckline 60-70 p., Knit 6 circles with a shawl pattern and close all the loops.

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