Turtleneck Pullover Free Pattern

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Pullover Turtleneck
Size: 36/38 (40/42 in) 44/46 
You will need: 750 (800) 850 g 
Brown yarn Binga Me: Apde 
(100% Merino wool, 80 m/50 
D); Straight Spokes and B; Contrasts 
Spokes 4, 
Elastic: Odd number of loops. Dish 
2.: Chrome, • 1 n., 1 persons., repeating from 
•, 1 H., Chrome. the; Loops Knit 
Embossed Pattern: Odd number 
Loops. Persons. R.: Krom., 1 N., 1 persons., 
Repeating from finishing off. And 
Chrome. All loops knit isn. 
Scythe (first 21 p.): Knit PA scheme, 
Where only persons are listed. 
P., in P. Loops knit on the figure. 
Link 1 time from 1st to 16th p., then 
Repeat from the 3rd to the 16th p. After the 1st 
P. In the work are 26 p. attention! 
When closing the loops, tie the 
Fitting the width over the braid 
Alternately 1 x z and 1 x 2 p. Together, 
Density of knitting. Spit and relief- 
Pattern. Spokes NQ 4.5:25 g. and 25.5 p. 
x 10 cm; Embossed pattern, Spokes 
M, 4.5:16.5 p. and 25.5 R. 10 x 10 cm, 
Backrest: On the Spokes 4ђ dial 93 
(101) 109 p. and tie 5 cm rubber Band. 
Then knit as follows: 
Chrome, 11 (13) 15 p. Relief pattern, 
• 21 p. Spit, 3 (5) 7 p. Relief 
Pattern, repeat from • 1 more times, 21 
N. Spit. 11 (13) 15 p. Relief 
pattern, chrome. After the 1st P, in the work 
There are 108 (116) 124 p. Through 34.5 
CM p. (32 cm p.) 30 cm 76p. 
From the gum close for armbands from both 
Parties and in each 2nd P. 2x2 and 1 
X1 P. = 92 600) 108 p. Through 53.5 cm: 
136 p. From gum all loops close. 
The average 56 of the P. form 
Collar. External 18 (22) 26 
P. On each side-shoulders. 
Before: Knit the same, but for cutout 
Closing throat through 45.5 cm = 
116 p. From Gum Medium 20 p. and both 
Side to finish separately, for 
Rounding close with inner 
Edge in each 2nd p. 1 x 5, х4, 1 x z, 
Sleeves: On the Spokes 4.5 dial 39 
(43) 47 p. and tie 5 cm rubber Band. 
Then knit with a relief pattern. 
At the same time from gum add 
For the bevel sleeves on both sides of the 
Each 16th p. B x P. (In each 
12th p. 8х1 p.) e every 8th p. 2x1 
L. Yves every 10th R. 8х1 p. = 51 (59) 
67 of the AP, including the added loops in the 
Pattern. After 40 cm 102 p. from gum 
Close to the sleeve of the sleeves on both 
Parties 3 p.; In each 2nd P. 3 x 1 P., 
In each 4th p. 3х 1 p, and each 
2nd P, 7х3 and 1 p. (in each 2nd p. 
16 х1и1 х2p.) In each 2х p. 2х 
2.13х1 and 2х2l. Through 54 cm: 138 
P. From the gum to close the remaining 15 
(17) 19 p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. 
For a lath to dial on a cut of mountains- 
Loziny on circular spokes 96,. Conventionfor 
6 circular P. pr., 2 circular p. 
IPMs. And all the loops close the faces. In lining 
Sleeves, perform side seams and 
Seams of sleeves. 
Collar-Clamp: on the spokes dial 
41 the P. and knit with a relief pattern. After 80 cm from the inlaid edge all 
Loops to postpone. Connect Postponed Hinges with selectorized Knitted

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