Knitting Jumper Free Pattern

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Cerny jumper 
Z Buttoned Gorinyu 
The Rosmir; 42/44 (46/48) 50/52. 
Мгтерiаn: 400 (450) 500 Gprazi "Starwool" (wool-100%, 125 m/50 g) Chervonnogo Koloru (fь 018) vid ONLINE. Straight Spitzi np4, 5 ta N, circles! Сnицi № 4.5. Elastic Band (on the Spokes № 5): 1 Loop litio
Voyu, 2 Petli Vivoritnyam-by Cherzi, Zakinychit number 1 face the loop. The Vivoritni 
A Maljunkom. Krugovi Ryadi: 1 loop face, 2 Petli Vivorin-them-ncherkassy. 
The main: Lochatkova Kylkany loops may be on 12 + 1 + 2 Kraivi nетлi. I'm not. On the circuit is marked Lische lityovi Ryadi. At the Vivorivtno ranks of the I petli TK Nakadi 
All the other loops. The first one of the loops in front of the 
By the report, the name of the
The port of that is to weave the loops of the singing raport to the one of the extreme Petleia. On
Repeat the 1st to the 20th row of the Izerunka. 

A rubber band (on the back of the wall) 
№ 4.5): 21 Loops I 29 rows = 10 x 1 o cm; In the main (on the № 5): 
18.5 loops I 26 rows = 1 Oh 1 about see Back: On the spokes № 14.5 to the 111 {123) 135 of the loops and the 16 cm rubber band. 
In the residual 12 loops = 99 (111) 123nemi. Дani on the basis of the name of the robot, the basis of the name of the base of 
The Izerunkom. For the design of the sleeve in the Ivstani 32.5 cm = 84 Ryadi (34.5 cm = 90 rows) 37 cm = 96 in a row in the Doi'pe plank 
1 time 4 Petli and 2 Razi in the skin 2nd row 4netli = 123 (135) 147 loops. For the design of the verse of the neck on the Ivstani 34.5 cm = 90 rows (38 cm = 98 rows) 42 cm = 110 in the first of all, scream the 13 loops of the old, and the other of them, the other. For the decoration of the Eacholennia on the inner 11раю paradise in the leather 2nd row 
Shout 2 Razi on 5 loops, 1 times 3 Nerli, 2 Razi on 2 petli that 2 Razi on 1 netnl. The first 
On 36 (42) 48 loops scream at Visoti 18.5 cm = 48 row in Gorloeini. 
The front is private: it is so. 
Z ' & dnanya details.: Neck in the shoulders. I'm proud of the outlook 
183 Petli of the design of the strap nлетlть krugovi Row Rubber Band.

On the Visoi 7 cm of the planks, scream all the other, Viskonyuchi in the skin of the granite
Loops on 2 petli at the same time. For the design of the planks on the sleeves on the
№ 4.5 I Kr'ie Ruskaviv Niidnyiesti 63 (69) 75 loops TA braided rubber i Kra
With a loop. On the Visoi 7 SM laths 
Scream in Neml. 3шийте bokovi Shvi ta Shvi on the slats.

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