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Calculations for sizes: 36/38 (40) 42/44

The model is made of yarn (61% cotton, 38% polyester, 1% metallized polyester; 90 m / 50 g) - 550 (600) 650 g cream on the needles No. 5 and 5.5.

14 transparent buttons will be needed to finish the sleeves.

Pullover consists of two parts (front and back). Wide bat-type sleeves are obtained by adding loops when knitting these two pieces.

Main pattern

The number of loops is a multiple of 3 + 1 + 2 edge. Each row start with 1 edge and finish 1 edge

1st reg.: 1 front, * 1 nakid, 3 front, then the 1st of these 3 loops to stretch through the 2nd and 3rd p., From * constantly repeat;

2nd and 4th b.: Knit loops and nakida with purl;

3rd b.: * 3 facial, then the 1st of these 3 loops to stretch through the 2nd and 3rd p., 1 nakid, from * constantly repeat, finish 1 face.

1–4th p. constantly repeat.

The row for the fold, which is performed in the purl row

* 1 nakid, 2 p. Knit together purl, from * constantly repeat.
Fold row, which is performed in the front row

* 2 p. Knit together the front, 1 nakid, from * constantly repeat.
Patent edge on two loops in the front row

Loop after and before edge knit facial. In the purl row: after and before the hem, remove the loop, as in the purl knit, thread before the knitting needle, and tighten tightly.
Knitting density


16.5 p. And 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 
2 cm in height - the bar in finished form.

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