Crochet White Pullover Pattern

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Pullover crocheted 
Exchange 3840 
You will need 550 white yarn 
Mats (10.2, Mima. 210 we 
Chok 2: Putovica " 
Main pattern: Number of sets 
Tel Krshno and VOZHG p, z humidity. P. 
Lifting. Knit according to the scheme. Replaced. 
To take art. He's Ka R. on 3 humidity. 
P, on • In front of the P» 
Port. Gttorjap, rapport. Tonchit 
Loops after rapport. When Ubav- 
Genius arch = 4 p, POVTORJATSO2 
by 5th P, 
Density of Vjazank 38.5 sets, 
and ' 9r. ' () to 10smipisostvetstven • 
But 1 rapport 3.6 cm in Shiri. " Have. 
Snnka Tie (herringbone az 196 Humidity 
P. 4 W humidity p, Asdema and knit mains- 
NM Mind: 13 Mlortov • Nish • 
44 cm from the. 
Of the Bourne region to leave the armholes 
Both sides 14 p. = P. Through 62 
CM from the set piece, you. 
26 and St 
Zakoncht dai. ost • 
Singing leave from the inner edge of the 
Every 2-M. 1 H8i2hzp, through 66 
From the set edge of the end of the 
Tu on OSLAVSHIHSJA 52 p, shoulder, 
Knit the same way but with more tu. 
Bokim neckline Gsrpoviny and Spitz " 
VZ "for Snzhala through 47 cm from Navar- 
The edge note leave the hat slots 
NAI 2 St, SL and both sides finish 
Separately. After 56 cm from the set- 
Leave the edge to cut the mountains. 
Guilt from the edge of Spitz in every 2nd 
R. ' O. 1x 8.1 h6i2h4p, 
Sleeves tie a chain of 108 lice 
P, 3 humidity p. Lifting and Vjazag operating 
Weaknesses Patterned Way: 
A thief with 5: nred Ralpor. 
Tom, repeat 7 times rapport. Law. 
First 5 L. Pasle Rappsrta. 
Simultaneously from the set edge 
Add to bevels sleeves with both 
Their sides alternately in Vazhdom 
2-M and a. m R. 26 ' ' p. Humidity p. 
3 lice P. Lifting, through 45 cm from 
The set edge work finish. 
Vypolniљ shoulder seams, 06- 
Knit cutout torloviny and edges were 
Cy2krutovymi R. St. 6/Not cool. 
R, Pico (• sg zvoz; g P., 1 
Soed_ Art. In Vozd_ p., skip 
1 p. of the previous circular p,, by. 
Create from •) "Lining Ruvava. Ful. 
NKT side seams and seams; Vzhdvov 
Knit the edges of the Avov and the lower edges 
By circular R. Art. and beer, 
For loop fret button tie on 
Upper Poavom Edge Slots Arch of 
6 humidity. P. and Sew the button. 

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