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The sizes the European Italian: 40/42 (44-46-48)  
The sizes on a pattern are specified in sm


Yarn Mondial Cotton Soft (100% cotton, 50 g / 180 m) 6 (6-7-7) beige hanks, hook 3 mm

Density of knitting

24 loops and 12 rows = 10x10 cm main openwork pattern

Description of open-work pullover crochet


Free dial 97 (105-113-121). and knit 1 tbsp. s / n in the 4th edition. from the hook, then continue knitting according to the pattern of the openwork pattern to the height of the backrest 29 (31-33-35), see next page. row to begin forming raglan lines: to subtract 2 loops from each side in each row 6 (7-8-9) times, then 1 loop in each row 9 times. At a distance of 17 (18-19-20) cm from the beginning of knitting the lines of raglan cut and fasten the thread.


Knit as a back, while at the height of lines raglan 15 (16-17-18) cm begin to form a cutout neck: knit to the central 31 (33-35-37), and then knit the two parts separately, without connecting to the central part first 6 (6-7-7), etc., then 5 (6-6-7) n. At the same time, complete the formation of lines of raglan as for the backrest.


You can type 57 (61-65-69) loops freely and knit by the pattern of openwork pattern (for sizes 44 and 48 at the beginning of the first row, you need to tie 2 items of s / n instead of one). On each side, add 1 loop in each 6th row 5 times. Through 33 (35-37-39) cm to execute lines of raglan as for a back and to fix a thread.


Sew the seams on the regular lines of all the details. At the edge of the neckline cut, knit: 
1 row: 4 resp., * Skip 1 loop or chain, 1 tbsp. c / n, 1 air.p., repeat from * in a circle. 
2 circle: 2 tbsp. s / n in every missing loop or chain of the previous row. 
Sew the seams of the sleeves and the side seams.


Summer pullovers, which are usually knit from cotton or linen yarn, are perfect for those who for some reason do not want to show their hands. In this case, there is another wonderful  open-work pullover with knitting needles , which also matches the beige yarn and has the shape of a neckline in the form of a boat.


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