Crochet Fishnet Striped Top

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38/40 (44/46 in)

You will need
Yarn (100% cotton, 125 m/50 g)-100 (150) G turquoise, green and brown; Spokes № 3.5.

Patterns and diagrams

Openwork pattern
The number of loops multiple 14 + 1 p. + 2 chrome. Knit according to the scheme. On the scheme are given only facial ranks. In the purl rows of loops to tie the figure, the scum-purl. 

In width start with chrome. and loops before raport, repeating rapport, finishing loops after rapport and chrome. 

In height repeat from the 1st to the 24th row. Important: When performing increments and decreases, ensure that the number of the scale and the loops together in the row remained the same. If necessary, along the edges complement the faces. Loop.

Sequence of strips
to 12 p. * Turquoise, green and brown, from * repeating.

Patent edge on 2 p.
in persons. Rows 2 p. To tie the facial, 
In the Izh. Rows of 2 p. To shoot, as with vixen knitting, with the thread stretching before work and tension.

Decorative Ubavki 1
From the right edge of the lower 1 p. = After the patent edge 2 p. Projazat along with the inclination to the Left (= 1 p. Take off, as with the face knitting, the next loop to Projazit front and removed loop to stretch through the Projazazit). 

From the left edge to lower 1 p. = The last 2 p. Before the patent edge of the face together.

Decorative Ubavki 2
From the right edge of the lower 2 p. = After the patent edge 3 p. Projazat together with the inclination to the Left (= 1 p. Take off, as with the face knitting, 2 p. Projazat together the front and removed loop to stretch through the Projazavi). 

From the left edge of the 2 p. = Last 3 p. Before the patent edge of the face together.

Facial surface
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops. 

Density of knitting
20 p. x 28 R. = 10 x 10 cm.


Work execution

Turquoise Thread Dial crossed 87 (101) p. and knit openwork pattern strips in the specified sequence. 

Through 25.5 cm = 72 R. From the inlaid series of work to continue, distributing the loops of patterns in the following sequence: 2 p. Patent Edge, 83 (97) p. strips, related openwork pattern, 2 p. Patent edge. 

Simultaneously reduce (see decorative Ubavki 2) on both sides for armholes 1 times on 2 p., then (see Decorative Ubavki 2) Another 16 (22) times in each 2nd p. 1 p. 

At the same time through 30 cm = 84 R. (34 cm = 96 R.) from the inlaid series close the middle loop for the neck and both sides to finish separately, performing also on the bevel V-shaped cut patent edge on 2 p. 

Simultaneously with the beginning of the separate knitting to reduce (see decorative Ubavki 2) from an internal edge for a bevel cut 1 times on 2 p., then in each 2nd P. 6 (7) times on 2 p. and (see decorative Ubavki 1) 4 (3) times on 1 p. 

Through 38.5 cm = 108 R. (42.4 cm = 120 R.) The remaining 7 p. temporarily leave. 

The second side to finish symmetrically.

Knit like a backrest.

Left 7 p. On each side of the front to translate to the working spokes and knit brown (turquoise) thread of the straps: 2 p. Patent Edge, 3 p. Persons. Gladi, 2 p. Patent territory. After 15 cm loops temporarily leave. These 7 p. Connect with the left 7 p. Backrest knitted seam. 

Perform side seams. 

On the bottom edge perform dense fringe (take 3 threads = 1 thread Each color length of 26 cm).

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