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I offer you the original solution for a set of caps, long scarf and bag. All this you can link yourself for a few days. Combine colors, complicate the drawing, decorate the decor. The advantage of the kit is that it can be worn both together and all parts separately.


So let's get started: the set is crocheted.

12. cap with a visor

size 55-58

You will need: 100 g thick lilac yarn (88% merino wool, 12% polyamide; 40 mx 50 g); hooks number 10 - 12.

The cap is connected by columns without crochet from the crown in a spiral. Dial 2 air loops with hook number 12, then tie the 6 crochets to the last loop from the hook. Thread another color mark the beginning of the row and continue to work in a spiral, adding in each row of 6 columns without nakida. Perform 5 rows - you should have 30 columns without crochet. Further from the 6th to the 13th rows knit without increments. In the 14th row, continue with crocheting No. 10 and knit a number of connecting columns, if necessary tightening the edge of the cap to the volume of the head. Then knit the visor hats and crochet without crotch. To do this, follow: 1st row - 16 columns without single; 2nd row - 14 columns without nakida; 3rd row - 12 columns without nakida; 4th row - 12 columns without nakida; 5th row - 10 columns without nakida; 6th row - 10 columns without nakida. Make reductions on the edges of the visor, tying 2 columns without single crochet together. At the edge of the cap, knit the string in a “wild step”.

13. scarf

size 54-58

You will need: 300 g of thick melange yarn violet

brown tones (88% merino wool, 12% polyamide; 40 mx 50 g); hook number 15.

The scarf is bound with crochets. Hook No. 15 dial 13 air loops + 1 airy loop for lifting and knit a 200 cm long scarf. Decorate the scarf with a fringe, if desired.

Cut the yarn into 50 cm long threads. Fold the threads in two, pass through the crochets and knot.

14. bag

size 50x48 cm

You will need: 300g of thick melange yarn of purple - violet - beige - brown tones (88% merino wool, 12% polyamide; 40 x 50 g); hook number 12.

The bag is made with single crochets. Tie 2 air loops and knit 6 crochets into the first air loop, make 1 air loop. Mark the beginning of the row with a thread of a different color. Then knit in a spiral, adding in each row 6 columns without crochet until the number of crochets without crochet becomes 60 (the width of the bag). Next, knit without increases, directly to the desired height. Tie the last row of connecting posts. Next, follow the handles. For the first handle, tie a chain of 45 air loops, attach it to the edge of the bag with a connecting column at a distance of 14 columns from the other end of the handle. To strengthen the handle along the chain of air loops, tie one row of crochets and one row of connecting bars. Perform the second handle in the same way as the first.

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