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Pattern with twisted loops 

For this pattern and rapport, the spokes are gaining 18 loops and knitting as follows. 

1 row-1 loop obverse, 3 the following loops remove on the auxiliary spoke and obvivajut a working thread twice, then projazvajut with their obverse loops, etc. 

2 row and all even rows-knit purl loops. 

3 A row-2 loops remove on auxiliary spokes and obvivajut a working thread two times, after that projazvajut by their obverse loops, * 1 loop obverse, 3 loops remove on an additional spoke, obvivajut a thread twice, then projazvajut with their obverse loops *. 

Since the 5th row, the picture is repeated. 

The pattern with the twisted loops turns out dense and lush. Such pattern is good to finish jackets of a free cut or so: 

1r-All loops facial, it is a preparatory series, from the wrong side. 
2r-1l., 1 persons. Tie into a loop on a series below, "in a puncture" *; 1 persons 
3r.-1 persons. "In puncture", we see on the 2nd loop on the left spoke the transverse thread from the loop of the bottom row from the tying of the "loop in the puncture". We enter the right needle under this thread on a loop on the left spoke by movement from left to right (i.e. raise a thread on the right spoke) and knit a face loop together with the raised thread; 1 persons. In the puncture. 
4r-* 1 persons. With a thread of knitting knit face, 2 persons. On a number below, "in a Puncture", 1 L. With a thread of a scale knitting a face,; 
5r-1st Loop-Vprokol, 2-I-together with a thread knit front, 3rd loop-in a puncture. 
Repeat from the 2nd row.

Source : https://vk.com/knit_for_soul?w=wall-91498131_2425%C2%A0

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