Fashionable and Stylish Vest Free Pattern

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Knitted vest Vienna in a circle-easy feminine model. Such a vest will be well suited to complete, because it gently steals the volume. Knitted vest Vienna-alluring and exciting thing. In this vest you will look very attractive.


S/M-L-XL/XXL-XXXL-The corrections are indicated through a hyphen
Shoulder width: 30-32-34-36 cm


4-5-6-7 Rolls (90% mohair, 10% Polyester, 50g/95 m)
Circular spokes 60 and 80 cm № 7

Density of knitting

13 loops x 15 rows Stocking viscous = 10 x 10 cm.


See chart M. 1. (Diagram showing the picture from the face)

Knitting Vest

Knit in a circle starting from the middle of the backrest.
Dial 8 loops and touch the circle face.  The second row is knit in each loop of 2 facial = 16 loops. Insert 4 markers through every 4 loops. Note: Enter the first marker at the beginning of the circle. Then knit the chart. Repeat the report 1 time from token to marker. Further we continue to knit on a template and add on 8 loops in each row, making the data of increase on the chart M. 1. When the circle radius is approximately 19-21-22-23 cm, the next row is knit by the obverse as follows: Knit in a circle until there are 12-13-14-15 loops until the next marker, then close the next 18-20-22-24 loops (= armholes). Next knit until there are 6-7-8-9 loops before the third marker, 18-20-22-24 loops (= armhole). Next row: Dial 18-20-22-24 new loops over each armhole. Continue to knit on the pattern, increasing the number of loops until the radius of the vest is 50-55-60-65 cm.  Tie 6 rows of stocking viscous (face-facial, wrong-purl), continuing to increase by 8 loops in each row.. From the face, close the hinges freely.

Scheme of knitting vest

Dress binding

-Facial loops;

Knitting Bolero

-2 together;

Knitted bolero

Yarn Over

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