Knitting Nice Pullover Free Pattern

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Knitting Pullover :
Size: 38/40 (42144 in) 
You will need: 750 (800) G GREY Yarn (10c% Merinovoy Sher STi. 80 m/50 g); Needles IU 4.5; Hook 
Elastic band: Number of Loops multiple 4 + 2 + 
Two crowns. Knit Chrome "• 2 persons... 2 N., , finishing 2 persons., 
Repeating from 
Chrome. IPMs. P. All Loops Knit 
Braid Pattern: Number of loops multiple 10 
2 knit According to the scheme on which the. 
Only persons. P., in P. Loops 
Knit PS figure. Start with loop 
Before the Raport. Repeat rapport, 
Finishing the loop after the rapport. 
Repeat from 1st to 8th p. 
Density of knitting. Elastic band: 17.5 p. and 
24 p. 10 x cm, pattern of braid: 24.5 p, 
and 25 p.: See 
Attention! All parts are knit 
Rivers. The arrows on the pattern 
Backrest/Before: Starting with the right side of the 
Th Edge, dial 100 (104) n, and knit 
Rubber Band, after 10 cm = 24 p. (12.5 cm 
: 30 p.) From the inlaid edge close for 
Neck cut on the right side 3 
P. ive every 2nd p, ' H2i5hј 
to (94) p. via 22ђ cm: 54 p. (25 cm 
= 60 p.) From the inlaid edge reached 
The middle of the backrest, then the backrest 
Finish symmetrically, i.e. reduce the 
will become fungi. In 45 
CM 108 p. (50 cm: 120 p) from the set- 
The edge of all the mold to close. 
Left sleeve: 
Dial 12 p. and 
Knit between chrome. Pattern of Braid. 

At the same time from Nabsrnsgo Edge 
Additionally dial for bevel 
Sleeves on the right side in each 
2nd p. 10 x 8 p. and knit them next 
Way: First 2 ' p. Knit pattern 
From the braid. 58 of the P. Knit Rubber 
92 p, in 
Coy. Finishing 1 Chrome. 
End of additions knit Next 
Way: Chrome., 58 p. Gum. 32 p. 
Pattern of Braid. Except after 19 cm 48 
R. (21 cm 52) from the inlaid edge- 
Measured on the left side-or accordance- 
through 20 cm = 48 R. (22 cm 
52 p.) -measured on the right edge 
-reached the middle of the sleeve. After 
This sleeve to finish symmetrically. 
i.e. additions will become a decrease. 
In 38 cm 96 (42 cm = 104) from 
Inlaid edge-measured on the left 
Edge-Close the remaining 12 liters. 
Right sleeve: knit symmetrically, 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. 
For collar type 24 L. and knit 
Between Crom. Pattern of Braid. Through 
50 cm: 122 R. From Inlaid edge all 
Loops close. Sew Short STS- 
Collars and sew the collar 
to the neck cut. To pump sleeves, 
Side seams and seams of the hand- 
Tie the bottom edge of the circular 
P. ssed Art. 

Translate Photo : Crucishape Stacked Edge 

Rewind from the ball to the end of the thread twice 
than is required to set the initial 
The end of the series, then double it and throw it on the 
Ukazategnyј Finger Levs hands running from club- 
The end. On the thumb, 
Double thread loop (Fig. 1). To perform 
First and all the odd loops enter the spokes 
In the loop on the thumb, grab the thread. 
Coming from the index Pagica, deduce it 
From flying. " Pull the loop off the thumb 
And the loop on the spokes is double thread. 
Next loops dial one thread, and their 
Bottom edge of the double thread, for 
The second and all even loops put the thread in the 
Thumb, swipe the spokes under the outer 
Part of this thread, grab a thread from the 
Your finger. and bring it out of the loop 
(Fig. 21, pull the loop off the thumb and 
Tighten the loop on the spoke Dvoinoј thread, 

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