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Pullover, offered by needlewomen specialists from Bernat, is connected mainly by a placard pattern (pl / y) and an elastic band. The main decoration, the fan pattern, stretching from top to bottom along the center, is also constructed according to the principle of the rubber band, in which the upper part is compressed (the upper ends of the columns are connected tightly) and the lower one is loosely loosened (the columns fan out). This is how the toad falls, and the fan pattern is its imitation by means of knitting.

It should be understood that pl / y creates a transverse strip, and the yarn is thick, knits 8 mm. This means that the product is voluminous, one that fills, and wear it appropriately to the subtle women. However, the description provides a wide choice of sizes:

Chest Girth: 

- XS / S - chest girth 71-86½ cm, chest girth in the finished pullover - 96½ cm;

- M - chest girth 91½-96½ cm, in the ready 106½ cm;

- L - chest girth 101½-106½ cm, in the finished 117 cm;

- XL - chest girth 112-117 cm, in the finished 127 cm; 

- 2/3 XL - chest girth of 122-137 cm, in the finished 142 cm;

- 4/5 XL - chest girth of 142-157½ cm, in the finished 160 cm.

For knitting as a material, the authors of the model suggest to choose Bernat® Maker Fashion ™ (100 g / 115 m), high-quality yarn, consisting mainly of cotton fiber (72%), reinforced with nylon (28%). The filament is quite thick, we will knit it with 8 mm (main) and 6½ mm knitting needles, both circular.

The yarn consumption will be 8-9-10-11-13-15 coils respectively.


A sample of the density will be done on the main spokes: 

- We connect the sample in 24 rows of straight lines (ppr) from 12 loops (Ft) = 10x10 cm. This density is retained for the entire period of operation.



Knit pullover will be, focusing on the pattern, all the details separately. We bind the elastic band with thinner knitting needles, the pattern and the main fabric for all parts are thicker.

It has a .port in 10 rows, a mountain report is variable: 

- at the beginning of 17 pt, 

- at the end of 15 pt, 

- the widest series contain 23 pt. 



We take needles 6½ mm, we will collect 57 (63-69-75-83-95) pt. The initial 7 rpm is performed by the LTSP - facial Fri. 

In the latter of them, the purse row (IR), we add 2 pt, but not near = 59 (65-71-777-85-97) pt.

Sld.rpr (LR - front row): knit pl / y, in the center we perform a fan pattern.

So we work for 40½ cm.


In this place armholes begin.


- close 4 (4-6-6-8-8) Fri;

- we will execute pp to the end, working on the same installation.

Sd.rpr: we will do the same.

We knit right, until the height of the armhole becomes 12½ cm.


At this point, we begin to form the neckline.

Rd.rpr (LR): 

- We will link 17 (20-21-24-26-32) пт, as usual;

- postpone the 17 pt;

- finish the pp, taking the thread of another skein.


We obtained 2 independent parts of the transfer, we will link them separately. At the same time in all LR we will decrease 1 pt in the cut line until there are 13 (16-17-19-21-26) pt for each shoulder on the spokes.

When the distance from the beginning of the armhole to the current ppr is 20½ (21½-23-23-24½-25½) cm, close the Fri on both shoulders. 



It must be knit exactly as before, at least to a certain height. The difference is that there is no fan pattern on the back, it is completely performed by pl / y.


Earlier than on the back, begins a cutout, for 4 pts up to the height of the armhole. Having reached this place, we do so.

Rd.rpr (LR): 

- We knit pl / y; 19 (19-19-21-21-23) Fri in the center postponed; we will fasten pl / at.

After that, we got 2 independent parts of the back, we will fasten them separately. 


Shoulder (LR): Reduce 1 pt on the line of the neck.

Shoulder: we will do the same.

Sld.rpr shoulder: knit pl / y on all Fri - and close them all.

Sleeve , 2 parts

Take spokes 8 mm at b Eremu 29 (31-31-31-33-33) pt. We tie a square strip with a width of 7½ cm.

Rd.rpr (LR): 

- add 1 pt; knit pl / y to the end of ppr; we add 1 pt. 


We make such pp with additions, passing between them for 7-7-5-5-5-5 rp, until we see 47 (51-53-53-57-59) Fri on the spokes.

At a distance of 45½ cm from the initial edge, mark the beginning of the pnp and its end with the markers.

After that, we'll link another 6 (6-8-8-10-10) rpm and close all the Fri.



First, we sew together in front of the back with the right shoulder, after that we'll take the collar.

Take the needles 6½ mm, turn the pullover over your face and collect the Fri for the collar.


- raise 10 (12-14-14-16-16) Fri, moving along the left edge of the transfer;

- we will take in work 17 postponed пт;

- raise another 10 (12-14-14-16-16) Fri, moving along the right edge of the transfer;

- raise 3 points on the edge of the back;

- Let's take to work 19 (19-19-21-21-23) deferred Fri in the center of the back;

- raise another 3 points on the other side of the back.

We obtain on the spokes only 61 (65-69-71-75-77) pt.


On all these we knit an elastic band of 1x1 (1 inch) strip in the width of 5½ centimeters, after which we close all the pips according to the drawing in the next IR. 

Now you can sew in front of with the backrest and the left shoulder, grabbing the collar and the same seam.

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