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The bright and original cover consisting of square elements in which fragments in the form of flowers are knitted, will decorate any room. We offer to look at the model basis, according to which every craftswoman can easily create her own masterpiece.

Bright colors, above all, save us from a bad mood and depression. Please note that nature itself decorates its creations with similar shades, they delight our eyes and lift our spirits. For example, it is pleasant to find yourself in a flower glade, where motley butterflies flutter under a bright yellow sun shining from a blue sky.

In psychology, more than once experiments have been conducted, the results of which show that color therapy has a positive effect. For example, in one of the children's clinics, pink pajamas were introduced, and children began to recover faster.

This beautiful knitted cover can be worn not only on home furnishings. It will look great in the gym, for example, for pillows, which do yoga.


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