Tunic Free Pattern

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The description of tunic is given for four female sizes: (a) 38-40, (b) 42-44, (c) 46-48, (d) 50-52. The photo design is shown in the size of 38-40.

Now we prepare the necessary materials:

You will need a mixed summer yarn Katia Linen. It is 53% cotton and 47% of flax. The footage of each roll is composed of 112 meters in each 50 grams. For this tunic from flax it will be required 9, 10, 11 or 12 such motks depending on the chosen size of colour № 18. It is a gentle coral tone, soft and pleasant for summer or leisure.

From the tools, take 3.5 mm and 4 mm spokes. The edges will be executed with a smaller number, and for the main part you will use a larger number. Since each of the needlewomen has its own density, and it knits tight or loose, pick up your number of spokes to get the following density:

The sample density with a combination of face and pattern № 1 Spokes 4 mm After the lock is 18 loops and 24 rows of 10 cm; and the pattern № 2 will be 16 loops and 26 rows of 10 cm, also after the lock, because knitting tunic of flax, which is revealed after washing.

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