Pink hat for a girl crochet

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I knitted without patterns and did not write down the calculations during the work, so 
there is no exact description (and I don’t have a hat anymore). I can only paint a 
sequence of knitting. 

Knitting a hat with needles number 3. NAKO Bambino threads 25% wool, 75% acrylic. 

1) garter knitting (all rows with facial loops); 
2) the front surface (1 row of faces. Loops, 2 rows of wear loops - repeat these two 
3) spit 1 (* 2p. Out., 6p persons. * - repeat from 1 to 10 row, 11th row - 2p 
out., 3p leave on the auxiliary spoke before work, 3p to knit the 
persons., 3p with the auxiliary needle to tie the faces. , 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 rows 
knit in a pattern - that is, how the loops look);
4) spit 2 (* 12p faces. * Repeat from 1 to 10 row, 11 row - 3p leave on the 
auxiliary spoke before work, 3p knit the faces. 3p from the 
auxiliary spoke to knit faces. 3p leave on the auxiliary 
spoke for work, 3p to knit persons., 3p with auxiliary needles to 
knit persons; 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 rows knit according to the pattern, ie how the 
loops look ) 
5) 1x1 gum (* 1n person, 1p wear * ) 

Sequence of execution: the 
cap began to knit with a lapel - dial 32 loops and knit between the 
hem - 8p garter knitting, 12p braids 2, 8 garter stitch loops - 
on the girth (I have 46cm) pl us about 2 cm; loop close; 
on the front side along the side edge of the lapel type loop (number
loops multiple of 6 plus 2 edge) and knit elastic 1x1 6 rows, fold the 
elastic. with the side inwards and in the next row knitting 
loops with the spokes and loops of the dial-up row together following 2 rows of knit faces 

now we knit the main part of the cap with a braid 1 pattern, while in the first 
row we add loops evenly - 2 loops for each pigtail (* 2p 
ip, 1p persons, 1 loop we knit from the broach of persons, 2p persons, 1p we knit 
from the broach * - repeat until the end of the row); we knit 46 rows 
with a braid 1, in the 47 row we uniformly reduce 2 loops in each pigtail; 
in the 55 row of 2 out loops between the pigtails we do 1 p. (it turned out 
* 1p izn., 4p persons. *); in 59 row we decrease 2 loops in each pigtail
(it turned out 1n izn., 2n persons.); after three rows, the remaining loops are strung 
on a string (I must say that the number of rows is approximate - I counted 
on the photo; my cap turned out to be a bit too big in height, so 
adjust the number of rows in size); 

Next, we knit the inside of the cap - type 
loops from the seamy side in the first row after the roller (1x1 connected by elastic band) and 
stitch the faces to the desired height, close the loops in the way you know (I 
divided the number of loops into 6 sectors and diminished two loops until 
on the needle there are no 12 loops left, the remaining loops are pulled together); 
sew a hat on the side seam; sew the lapel - dial and the last 

tie stitches - put 12 loops on the knitting needle and knit the 
required length between the 1x1 edge elastic band, then go to the garter knit and evenly 
add two 
loops on each 4th row one loop until the loop has 24 loops, close the loops, sew on the open ones hinges to the 
cap; tie the second stitch in the same way; 
decorate with a pompon. 
The lapel in my photo is folded in half inside, but in fact they wear a hat 
without bending it twice. 


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