Dress for Girl

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ob description: 
Dress for 6-12 months 
Spokes № 3,5

Back: dial 89 loops. We knit 8 cm with the "Malinka" pattern. 
Next, we knit an elastic band of 5 purl, 1 facial. 
After 5 cm from the pattern "Malinka" evenly reduce 7 loops. 
To knit 10 rows and evenly lower 7 more loops. 
After 19-20 cm from the beginning of knitting, evenly loosen 4 loops. 
Loops in the belts of the back loops. 
The remaining 71 items should be tied over the face of the work with the wrong hinges. 
In the next row make holes for the cord: 2 together, 1 cape. Then tie 1 purl. 
Then knit with an elastic band: 1 facial, 1 purl. 
After 5 cm for the armhole, close the 4, 2,2,1,1,1,1 loop on each side in each 2 rows. 
And after 4 rows, close 1 loop.
When the rubber reaches a height of 10 cm, close the middle 7 loops for the cutout and then subtract from this central reduction on both sides of the 2, 2 loops in each 2 rows and through 4 rows of 1 loop. 
The remaining 13 loops knit to a height of 18 cm from the beginning of the gum. Close the hinges. 
Before: knit similarly, but the cutout should begin at the height of the armhole. 
Sew the details. Tie the neck and armholes with a crochet. 
Make a string, stretch it into holes.


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