Crochet Blouse and Shawl Free Pattern

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The pattern is a bundle of 16 loops, folded on the elastic band 2x2

Description of Knitting:

Number of loops multiples of 16.

Plus-2 edge.

Knit Rubber Band 2 on 2.

In each 8th row to do cross-over in staggered order: first cross on the odd (first, third, fifth, etc.) 16 loops, and even through 7 rows-in even 16 loops (from 17th to 32, from 48-1 to 64, and so on).


Remove 8 loops on the extra spokes at work

Tie 8 loops (retaining the rubber band pattern: 2 Faces, 2 izn, 2 faces, 2 N.)

8 Loops with additional spokes (2 persons, 2 Izn, 2 persons, 2)

That's the whole pattern, and looks pretty complicated.

Scarf associated with this pattern

50 grams of fine wool-shalunya light from Kamtex

Composition: Merino wool-55%, acrylic-45%

Footage: 600 m. in 100 Gr.


The scarf turned out to be 83 cm long, 9 cm wide.

The width of the scarf-4 harnesses (66 loops in total, along with the Kromozhno).

Palantine "Double-sided harnesses" by the Picans

Palantine Spokes "double-sided harnesses".
Size: About 57x183 cm.

You will need:
12 "Butterfly" yarns from Filatura Di crosa/tahkistacy Charles (50g/177m, mohair, acrylic 4) white color
Spokes 4.5 and 5.5 mm
Auxiliary Spokes 

Work density:
32 p. and 20 p. = 10 cm, pattern, spokes 5.5 mm.

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