Crochet Business Dress and Skirt Pattern

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Charming Crochet Yellow Dress

Size 36-38 (42-44 in). Length on the backrest-81-82 cm

Yarn YARN ART Begonia (100% mercerized cotton, 169 m in 50 g), color 4653-8.5 skein

Hook № 2 for the top of the dress, № 2.5 – from the waist line

Business Dress Model View :

Business Dress View :

Business Dress Pattern 1

Business Dress Pattern 2

Beautiful Business Skirt

Beautiful business skirt with a figured edge looks good in any color version.

36, 42, 46

You will need
Yarn (50% wool, 50% Polyacryl; 135 m/50 g) — 350 (400) 450 g black or Ecryu color; Hook № 4; 72 (82 in) 90 cm elastic braid 3 cm wide.

Patterns and diagrams
Basic Pattern 1
Knit in a circle crochet № 4 art. b/N. Each row to start with 1 VP of Ascent, to finish the soyed. Art. In VP Lifting.

Basic Pattern 2
Knit in a circle crochet № 4 art. c/N. Each row to start with 3 VP lifting, to finish off the nozzle. Art. In the 3rd p. P. Rise. 

Main Pattern 3
Crochet № 4 on the scheme. First run from the 1st to the 3rd series, then repeat the 2nd and 3rd rows.

Density of knitting
16 p. x 20 R. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the main pattern 1; 
16 p. x 10 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the main pattern 2; 
18 p. x 10 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by the main pattern 3.


Work execution
The skirt is knitted in a circle from the top edge. 

Crochet № 4 Very loose initial chain of 140 (162) 192 VP and lock it in the ring (because the clasp is not provided, the Ring of VP should be so stretchable to freely pass through the hips). 

Knit in a circle the basic pattern 1. 

After 6 cm from the initial chain of work continue the main pattern 2, while in the 3rd p. Evenly add 20 (30) 32 p. 

To do this, every 7th p. (6th or 5th p.) 6 p. Double = 160 (192) 224 p. 

After 5 p. Work continue the main pattern 3, in each row performing the Rapport of 10 (12) 14 times. 

After 15 cm from the beginning of the main pattern 3 begin the increase for the formation of a-silhouette. 

For this purpose in each raport on 1 p. On both parties from 5 p., executed on one loop of a basis, to double and further to knit with the new distribution of loops of a pattern. 

After the next 10 cm again, perform the increments as described above. 

At an altitude of 56 cm from the initial chain of work to finish 1 p. St. c/N. 

Put the product on the pattern, moisten and leave to dry. 

Elastic braid. Length = 72 (82) 90 cm folded into the ring and, having put the ends one on top of the other on the width of 2 cm, sew. 

The skirt belt is turned to the wrong side on the half width and, having laid between layers elastic braid, the edge to attach by means of a hook and an additional thread. 

Skirt Pattern 1 :

Skirt Pattern 2 :

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