Mohair Skirt Crochet Pattern

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That's the beauty I got. It's even easier to knit.
Just two raises, and the length is very comfortable. It looks chic! Tied her up in five days.
Knitting Needles № 3, yarn kidmoher with silk 1000 m in 100 Gr. Flow Rate 100 Gr.
Typed 200 loops on the throw thread, further on the scheme knitted 15 rows.

Since I was knitting in a circle I only knit the middle of the circuit. Point in 5, 7, 9... The ranks between the two together I think means facial crossed. But I was knitting the usual facial as the loops on the drawing.  This is the part of the scheme I had.

First Raise 
1 row of 5 persons, yarn
2 row-5 persons. Yarn, 1 persons, yarn
3 row-5 persons, yarn, 3 persons, yarn, 5 persons. 
4 Row-5 persons, yarn, 5 persons, yarn, 5 persons. 
Further on the scheme from 38 series to 46 series., then 1 row of facial, 
Second raise 
2 persons, yarn, etc. 
Continued knitting already on this scheme. From the first row to 19, then missed 21 -23 rows, continued with 25 rows.  Finished 39 Next, then finished just on the picture.

Source : http://zarema1.blogspot.com/2018/07/blog-post_31.html

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