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Dimensions: 34.36 (38-40) 42/44. You will need: 500 (550) 600 g turquoise yarn Arcadia (70% cotton, 24% polyamide, 6% polyester. 110 m / 50 g): hook N> 5; 5 silver buttons (diameter 2.3 cm).  

The main pattern: the number of type-setting loops is a multiple of 6 + 1 Knit according to scheme 1. Start from the loops before rapport, repeat the rapport loops, finish with the loops after the rapport Run 1 time from 1st to 11th p. Then repeat from 8th to 11th p. The pattern starts with 1 out. R.

Knitting density The main pattern. 1 - 6 p.: 17.5 typesetting p. And 5 p. ■ 10 x 5 cm; from the 7th p: 16.5 dial p. and 6.5 p. ■ 10 x 10 cm.

Attention! A jacket before the start of the armhole is knitted in a single canvas.

Shelves and back: tie a chain of 169 (187) 205 vozd. Clause ♦ 2 rev. lifting and knitting with the basic pattern = 27 (30) 33 reports plus initial and final loops. The initial and final loops are calculated at 1/2 rapport, respectively. For armholes through 40.5 (38.5) 37 cm from the edge, first continue to knit the back on the average 44 cm ■ 11 rapports ♦ on both sides 1/2 rapport (48 cm - 12 rapports * on both sides 1/2 rapport) 52 cm = 13 rapport * on both sides is 1/2 rapport, while paying attention to symmetry. After 59 cm from the edge of the dial finish the work. Then re-enable the left-hand petal to work and continue knitting; at the same time, after 43.5 cm from the typesetting edge, start beveling at the left edge. For this, starting from the 31st p. from the dial edge, perform bevel neckline under scheme 2 and continue it logically. On the remaining hinges of the shoulder finish work at the height of the backrest. Then symmetrically finish the right shelf.

Sleeves: tie a chain of 41 (45) 49 vozd. P. + 2 air. to lift and knit the main pattern, while in the 6th p. between groups of art. s / n skip 3 instead of 5 polust. and before the 1st and after the last group of art. s / n skip 1 instead of 2 half. = 9 (10) 11 rapports ♦ initial and final loops. After 47 cm from the typesetting edge to finish the work.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams and seams of sleeves, insert sleeves. For straps of the fastener and neckline, tie around the edges of the assholes and neckline 5 p. main pattern = 1st - 5th p. schemes 1. At the same time, in order to round the neckline, knit in the 1st. 3rd and 5th p. in the area of ​​the shoulder seam 1 x 2 semi. together in the 3rd p. make 5 holes for buttons in the plank of the right shelf (d instead of 2 semi-openings, perform 2 rev. f). Make the 1st hole 2 cm above the bottom edge, the rest with an interval of 9 cm. Sew on buttons.

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