Crochet Top Free Pattern

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Free lightweight top, not binding movements, always useful in the summer. Putting on top with a dress or trousers, you will always be at the height. 

Size: M
You will need: 400 g blue (Azul Jeans) yarn circulo Sensual (100% Acrylic, 55 m/100 g); Fork for knitting, Hook № 5.5, hook for Tapestry.

Bars without a scale: each row starts with 1 AD. P. Lifting instead of the 1st art. b/N, circle. P. Finishing 1 co-ed. Art. In the P. lifting. 

Bars with a scale: each row start with 3. P. Lifting instead of the 1st art. c/N, Circle. P. Finishing 1 co-ed. Art. In the upper P. lifting.

Back: to tie 6 strips on a fork of the average size on 56 of elongated p. Each (1 strip-8 x 54, 5 sm), a hook to connect 1-st Strip with 2-nd, conducting the elongated loop of the 2nd strip inside the elongated loop of the 1st strip, etc. the last elongated p. To fix the English Pin so that it doesn't dissolve. 

Repeat the process on 6 lanes. Link 1 co-ed. Art. On each elongated loop of the 6th strip for finishing the neck cut. 

Before: Run 6 strips and connect them the same as on the backrest. Tie the same finish as the backrest.

Assembly: Hook to connect 2 parts on lateral seams, leaving on 18 sm for each armholes. Close the crochet loops for the tapestry. Shoulder seams perform the same crochet decorative cruciform stitches of 15 cm on each side.

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