Knitting Pullover Beauty Bolero Cutting

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Size 46-48

Necessary: 500g dark orange yarn (250m/100g, 50% wool, 50% acrylic), spokes no4, auxiliary spoke.
The jumper has an unusual cut and can also be recommended for sizes 44 and 50. Before starting knitting, it is necessary to make control samples.
Knitting density: 10x10 cm q 25p X 28 p.
Back: dial 150 p. and tie with a rubber band 1x15 cm, while evenly reduce 12 p. q 138 p. Knitted shortened rows pattern on the scheme. We start with the central 88 p., including in each second row 2 p. on both sides of the central loops, until all 138 p. will not enter the pattern. At a height of 54 cm on the longest part all the loops close.
Before: knit similarly to the back, but with a neck of the neck.
Sleeve: dial 54 p. and tie with a rubber band 1x1 7 cm, adding in the last row 4 p. 58 p. Knitting pattern on the scheme, while adding in each 3 p. from both edges 29X1 to 116 p. At an altitude of 43 cm all the loops close.
Assemblage: sew shoulder and side seams, roll sleeves. For the neck dial 104 p. and knit with a rubber band 1X1. At a height of 5 cm knitting to finish. Sew the neck with a ketm. The finished product to steam.

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