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A two-tone tank top with a decorative leather buckle looks great over a blouse or turtleneck

36/38 (40/42) 44/46

Yarn 1 (50% natural wool, 50% polyamide; 115 m / 50 g) - 500 (550) 600 g light gray; Yarn 2 (54% mohair, 46% polyamide; 155 m / 25 g) - 250 (250) 275 g color. ecru; 1 black buckle closure; hook number 4. 

Yarn color ecru knit double thread!

The number of loops of the initial row is a multiple of 6 + 1.  

Knit according to the pattern. Start with loops before rapport, repeat regularly, repeat loops after rapport. 

Run 1 of the 1–8th row once, then constantly repeat the 3–8th row, observing the alternation of the colors of the thread and paying attention to the different beginnings of the rows.


Light gray thread to perform a chain of 103 (115) 127 vp + 1 incl. lifting and knit main pattern. 

After 10 cm from the initial row, skip 1 cm for both sides to be fitted on each side and then 3 x 1 cm in each 8th row.  

After 36 cm from the initial row, add 1 cm for the sleeves on both sides and 2 in each 2nd row 3 x 1 cm acc. patterned. As a result, the initial number of loops has been reached. 

Then in each 2nd row on both sides to take another 1 x 4, 1 x 6 and 1 x 8 vp and knit acc. patterned. This corresponds to an increase of 3 rapports. 

Through 67 (69) 69 cm from the initial row, skip 8 (9) 10 cm for both sides of the shoulder bevel on each side and 1 x 8 (9) 10 cm and 1 x 11.5 cm in each subsequent row.  

Finish work on the remaining hinges through 70 (72) 72 cm from the initial row.

A light gray thread to perform a chain of 49 (55) 61 v.p. + 1 incl. lifting and knit main pattern. 

A trim for the tail, an extension for the sleeve and shoulder shoulder along the right edge, as on the back. 

At the same time, after 49 (51) 51 from the initial row, skip for a bevel of the neck on the left edge of the work 1 cm and then alternately in each 2nd and 4th row 7 x 1 cm and 1 x 0.5 cm (alternately in each 2- m and 3rd row 8 x 1 cm and 2 x 0.5 cm) alternately in every 2nd and 3rd row 10 x 1 cm. 

Finish work at the height of the backrest.

Knit the same as the left shelf, but in a mirror image.

Run seams. 

Tie all edges with 3 circular rows of st. b / n light gray thread. Each circular row start with 1 extra ce. lifting and finish 1 connecting Art. in the 1st st. b / n circular row. 

To shape in the corners, make 3 tbsp. b / n in 1 loop base. 

Sew a leather clasp on a small stitch about 3 cm below the beginning of the neck so that the sides of the shelves are butt.

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