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Knitting an elegant jacket with kimono sleeves (can be enlarged) is made with knitting needles.Dimensions: 42/44 (48/50). The differing data for the size 48/50 are given in parentheses. IF only one value is specified, then it refers to both sizes.
You will need:

350 (400) g of raw cotton color (color 102) of Ibiza uni yarn (70% cotton, 30% polyamide, 95 m / 50 g) cyclamen (color 106) from Lana Grossa;

straight spokes number 6;

circular knitting needles No. 6 with a length of 100 cm;

hook number 4,5;

1 transparent sewn button with a diameter of 25 mm.


Nodal edge: the first st point of each row is removed as a face., The last loop of each row is to tie the faces. All the details knit with knotted edges!

Grooming: persons. and out. R. - persons. P.

Openwork pattern: knit by the scheme. The figures from the right are the faces. ranks. In is. rows of loops and nacs knit out. The exact distribution of loops in width is explained in the following instruction. Repeat 8 steps of the rapport between the arrows aiv. The exact height distribution is also explained in the following instruction. Run 1 time from 1 st to 8 th р., Then these 8 р. to repeat. For better visibility, 1 rapport in width and height is shown on a gray background.

 Knitting density: open-work pattern, knitting needles No. 6: 13 p. And 22 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Jacket knit across from one sleeve to the next. The arrow on the pattern shows the direction of knitting!

Begin with the left sleeve. On the spokes number 6 dial 53 p. And bind for a high bar 8 cm = 26 p. garter stitching. Then knit an openwork pattern, while starting with the chrome. to the arrow a, repeat 5 times the 8th rapport between the arrows a and b, end 12p after the arrow. For the length of the sleeves, tie 5 times from the 1st to the 8th r. = 40p., Then, starting from the 41st row, knit by the scheme. For rounded kimono, add on both sides from the 43rd to 55th r. 5 pt., as shown in the diagram = 63 p. After the 56th row from the right edge, knit in the pattern between the arrows d and e, while repeating the same repeat as many times as before. Next knit for the back and shelves directly, while repeating from 57th to 63rd r. After 14.5 (18.5) cm = in the 32nd (40-m) p. = rel. the row from the beginning of the backrest and the shelf is closed from the left edge 67 (75) n. For the remaining 66 (74) sts, connect for the width of the armhole 14 cm = 32 r. straight. Then, from the left edge, again dial for the right-hand shelf 67 (75) n. And hence continue to knit the part to the end symmetrically, performing instead of the add-on additions. After the last row of the tracery pattern, tie the bar with garter stitch, as in the beginning of the work. after the last row of the strap, close the loop.

Assembling: the detail spread on the pattern, moisten and allow to dry. Complete the seams of the sleeves and the side seams. Use the hook No. 4,5 to tie the bottom edge of the jacket with one row

Cpd. Art. On circular knitting needles No. 6, type on the vertical edges of the shelves to 70 (78) n. And on the neckline of the back - 30 p. = 170 (186) n. For the strip knit with garter stitching straight and reverse rows, while in the second r. inside the edge of the neck opening of the backrest, evenly untwist 4x1 cracks. from the broach. Such additions are performed in every 2-rd river. another 2 times = 182 (198) n. After 8 cm = 26 p. from the beginning of the strap, loops can be closed freely. Step back from the bottom edge of 27 (33) cm and sew at the distance of 1 cm from the front edge of the button so that the jacket is fastened from right to left.

Knitting patterns for the jacket

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