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Size: 40

You will need:

Camellia yarn (100% acrylic, 175 m / 100 g) - 300 g denim, 100 g brown,

hook number 4.

Before you start, make a full-size pattern of the product and perform all the reductions in accordance with the pattern.

The main pattern: knit according to scheme 1, introducing the hook behind the back wall of the loop of the previous row.

Description of knitting pullover:

Back and front:

The lower band - with a thread of denim color, tie a chain of 136 vozd. p., close the ring. Tie 7 cm with the main pattern, cut the thread. Main part details: link a chain of 136 vozd. n., fold into the ring. Knit a 25 cm basic pattern. Then split all the loops in half (front and back). Each item knit separately.


Knit the main pattern, adding on both sides of the loop for the sleeves in accordance with the pattern (4 cm in height). Next, 17 cm knit straight. Tie off the bevel of the shoulder in accordance with the pattern. At a total height of 50 cm, close the hinges.


Knit similarly to the back, but with a neckline. To do this, at a height of 7 cm from the beginning of the armhole of the sleeve, split the loop in half and knit each side separately. Subtract done in accordance with the pattern. Do shoulder bevels similarly to the backrest. At a height of 50 cm from the dial-up row finish the work.


Thread denim color tie a chain of 28 vozd. l Knit the main pattern. After 5 cm from the dial, start on both sides to add loops in accordance with the pattern. At a height of 41 cm finish the work.


Brown thread tie strips of rhombuses. Rhombus: tie a square 2 according to the scheme (give the elements a rhombus shape when connecting them into a strip). Tie a total of 25 items. Connect 15 squares to the bottom dll strip, and 5 squares each dll. Connect the parts in front with a strip of diamonds, securing the thread on the wrong side. Perform shoulder seams. Attach the sleeves to the armholes using strips of rhombuses. Run the seams of the sleeves. Bind the neck 1 next to Art. 6 / n and 1 near chain stitch. The top and bottom of each band of rhombuses are tied with brown thread with chains of 10. n. (see diagram 3). Stripe the finished product

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