Knitting Long White Vest Free Pattern

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Dimensions 36.38/40.42, 144 
You will need: 650/700/800 
Yarn lies [Ops Silk, 200/0 Flax, 150 m! 50 g); Straight and steep 5 buttons, 
Facial Surface: Piš r.-LSH p., Izn. 
R.-Izn. P. 
Elastic Band: • N., 2. 
Invade from • 
Density of knitting faces, Surface: 25 p. 
and 34 R. 10 x 10 cm: Elastic band: 30 p. and 34 p. 
Backrest: Dial the P. and 
In the following way: 1 Chrome " 
37/38/40 persons. Ironing, 2 
P. Together LCH, 54 p. LCH Gladi 
Wedge: Loops becomes all the time 
Less), 1... 48/52/60 the P. 
Key. . 54 p, persons. Surface Wedge: 
Hinges becomes all the time 
The same). 1 Stretch (remove 1 p. As a LCH, 
1 person. and stretch it through the removed 
loop), 37138/40 p. lch. Surface 
Chrome. • Repeat these 
Every 4th p. 53 more times 
130/136,1348 p. Through 34 from the 
The edge of the knit on the first and 
A rubber band. When 
will remain only 1 p. (+ P. 
Together) of both Kli- 
Knit on all loops of rubber- 
Coy. Through 58/5ћ ' 56 cm from inlaid 
Edges close for armholes on both 
sides in each 2nd p. 1 x 2 x 2 and 
9х1 PV. ' 104, ' 116p. Through 78 cm 
From the inlaid edge close to the 
Of the shoulder on both sides in each 
2х9 and 1 x in P. simultaneously with the IM 
For shoulder Bevi- 
To cover the neck cut of the 
44/48:54, and both sides of the 
To finish separately. For rounded 
From the inner edge of the 
Every 2nd R x Z x 2 p, 
Left Shelf: Dial 124 "29/139 
P. and knit as follows: 1 
Chrome "37/38/40 p. Gladi. About 
Knit 2 p. Together persons., 54 persons. 
Gladi (2 wedge: Loops becomes 
All the time less),... 28/32/40 
P. Gum. 1 Crom. These 
Repeat in every 4th p. 53 more 
Times p. Through 34 cm from the 
Boric Edge Knit at first 
37040 pe3 "Hkow when the 
Only 1 P. (+ P. From the 
Together of the hinges) of the wedge 
On all loops with elastic band. You 
To fill the armholes and the shoulder bevel with 
The sides as on the backrest. Che 
66 cm from the inlaid edge of the 
To cover the neck cut with the 
Side in every 2nd p. x 
09/10 * 2and5х1 P., after, 5th R. 1x1 p., in 
Trail. 7th p. 1 x N, and after the 9th p. 1 
Right Shelf: knit symmetrical 
But. 4 holes For buttons: 38 cm from the set- 
To connect 5 p., close 3 p. 

and immediately re-dial them. Ful 
Thread still c holes at intervals 
7 CW 
Sleeves: Dial 58/62,68 p. and knit 
Persons. Surface. For bevel sleeves, the 
DD on both sides in each 
12th p, 12 х1 p. L. Through 
47 cm from inlaid edge close 
To roll the sleeves on both sides of the 
Each 2nd R. 1 x Z. 2х2i7х1 p., 
In each 4th p. 2 x 1 P. and in each 
2nd R. Ah l, 2 х 2h2хп. Through 
15/15/16 cm from the beginning of the sleeve 
Close the remaining loops. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams; 
The sleeves. Perform side 
Seams and seams of sleeves. For the strap on the 
The cutting of the neck on the circular 
The 170/182/202 of the p. (Z 
58/069. by cut 
Backrest 54/58/64) And 
Knit Rubber Band. This is the 1st 
IPMs. P. Start with 1 Crom. Persons. N.), 2 
IPMs. In the 2nd P. On the right side you. 
To fill the button hole, 
After 2 cm from the beginning of the strap all 
Loops Close, sew buttons. 

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