Knitted Cowl in Turquoise and Pink Tones

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This simple to work cowl can be worn as a scarf, and if necessary put on the head instead of a hood.

Ok. 38 x 80 cm

You will need
Yarn 1 (46% cotton, 22% polyamide, 18% wool baby alpaca, 14% wool; 115 m/50 g)-150 G Grey and 
Yarn 2 Sectional Dyeing (75% mohair superkid, 20% polyamide, 5% merino wool jekstrafajn; 175 m/25 g)-75 g in Turquoise-pink-gray tones; Needles № 7.

Patterns and diagrams

Facial surface
Knitting Needles № 7: front rows-facial loops, purl series-purl loops.

Density of knitting
14 P. x 19 R. = 10 x 10 cm.

Cowl fit in two strands (one strand of each yarn Type)

Performing work
On Needles to dial 55 P. and to knit a face surface. 

After about 80 cm from the initial row all the loops are Postponed. 

The hinges should be connected to the starting side of the hinge Stitch.


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