Women Cardigan Lace Cocoon

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Delicate cocoon with a wide sleeve, knitted with knitting needles from super soft cotton yarn with a beautiful pattern of "frosty flowers".

The oversized fashionable cocoon style cocoon from designer Joan Mcgowan-Michael consists of two parts that are connected in the middle of the back, with elastic bands on the cuffs, along the bottom edge and along the sides of the shelves.

The description of knitting cardigan is made for the sizes S, M / L and XL / 1X. The photo shows the size of M / L.

The sizes of the cardigan are as follows:
length of the cardigan, measuring in the middle of the back: 33 "/ 84 cm,

width, measuring in the middle of the back, from the cuff to the cuff: 27 (29, 31) "/ 68.5 (73.5, 78.5)

Materials for knitting cardigan cocoon from the new Vogue collection:
You need 12 (13, 14) skeins (89 m long in 50 grams) of Patti yarn from Stacy Charles Fine Yarns (cotton) in the color of rose quartz # 02 (rose quartz). Soft vanilla shades with oatmeal soothe while knitting fascinating openwork patterns.

One pair of spokes 5.5 mm.

Markers of loops.

The density of knitting cardigan:
17 p. And 22 p. = 4 "/ 10 cm pattern frosty flowers (also called frost patterns) according to the scheme, with an elastic band on the edge and after locking, with spokes 5.5 mm.

Description of knitting a fashionable cardigan cocoon openwork pattern:
First, knit two details of the body with a pattern of frosty flowers and an elastic band along the bar, which, after assembly, will become the sides of the shelves and the collar.

Then these parts are joined, forming the middle seam of the back.

After that, on one of the edges, loops for knitting the lower bar are lifted with a pattern of the mesh, and then with an elastic band 1x1.

In conclusion, sleeves are cuffed, fixing a wide sleeve, fashionable this season.

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