Women Skirt Crochet Free Pattern

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Yarn Tweed with silk. The composition of 15% silk, 65% merino, 20% PA. Thickness 375 m / 50 g Consumption 250 g Hook 1.5. 
Started to work with gum. I have a black gum width of 2 cm. I cut off the desired length, sewed it and tied the sc. Since my yarn is thin, then for tying gum folded it into two threads. Then one thread was cut and continued to knit into one thread: 1 row of RLS, then 2 rows of additions in each 5 CH. Skirt knit free. And further according to the scheme. In the skirt used 2 openwork patterns, the repetition of which gives a gradual expansion. At a height of 171 cm, I did 7 repetitions.

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