Booties boots description pattern

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Booties-boots with a pattern of "balloons" perfectly fit for both the boy and the girl. 

Knit sole. Dial 31 loop. One row of facial. 1-extreme, nakid, 14 persons., NAK., 1 person., NAK., 14 persons., Nakid, extreme. 2 -35 facial 3-extreme, 1 face, nakid, 14 face, nakid, 3 persons., Nakid., 14 persons., Nak., 1 persons, extreme. 4-39k 5 extreme, 2 persons, nak., 14 persons., Nak., 5 persons., Nak., 14 persons., Nak., 2 persons, extreme. 6-43 persons. 7-extreme., 3litz, nak., 14lit.nak., 7 persons., Nak., 14litz., Nak., 3litz., Extreme. 8-47 persons. Next, we knit straight without reductions 16-18 rows of garter viscous (all rows are facial).

Then we knit 10 loops with extreme facial loops, and then knit together the facial 13 times, and again 11 loops with the facial. (34 loops left) Turn to the wrong side, knit a number of facial loops. 

Then, along the whole row 2 together, 1 nakid (for the cord), from the inside out again a row of faces. And go to the pattern. 

1 row-edge, * 2nights., 1 person., 2 from., Knit out of one loop 5 (front, nakid, persons., Nakid., Persons.) *, At the end of a row 2 of., 1 persons., 2 out. 
2, 3,4,5,6-by pattern. 
7 row- * 2 int., 1 knit 5., 5 together the front of the back wall. * 2 int., 1 knit 5., 2 int. 
8,9,10,11,12-by pattern. 
So we knit 4 times the pattern and turn on the 6 rows of scarves.

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