Baby Booties Crochet

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At the age of 0-3 months, length 9 cm (at age 3 - 6 months, length 10 cm)

Materials:  threads of medium thickness (50 g / 130 m) - 3 colors (blue -basic, yellow, white), about 1/2 skein of blue yarn. Needles 3,5 mm, hook, needle with a wide eyelet. 
Working time: 6 - 8 hours depending on the experience. 

Sole: dial 9 (10) loops with blue threads, tie 3 rows of garter stitch on both spokes (both in the front and in the back row - with facial loops) and add 1 loop (11) loops from both sides. 

Next, knit garter stitching, at the end, cut 1 loop from both sides, tie 3 rows, do not close the hinges. The length of the sole should be 10.5 - 11 cm. Select on the sole of the loop as follows: sides of 17 (20) loops, heel - 9 (10) loops.

Next, knit for 5 spokes. Zubchiki: knit 2 rows of facial loops, in the 3rd row - 2 persons.pelt together, 1 cape, etc. Further 2 rows - facial loops. In the next row, fasten the loops of the last row and the sole together to form denticles (you can connect the sole with the last row of denticles later, making a conventional stitch with a needle with a thread from the yarn used). Spray another 2 rows of facial loops. 

Pattern: crocheted with facial smoothness - 1 row knit with yellow thread, 2nd row - 
white, 3rd row - 2 loops - blue, 1 loop - yellow, etc.,
4th row - white thread, 5th row - yellow, 6th row - blue. Begin to tie up the foot (the front part of the bootie): we work only with the front 9 (10) loops and side loops. 

It is necessary to loosen the hinges on both sides of the front part of the bootie - to tie 
together an extreme loop of 9 (10) loops and one loop from the sides, knit the 
hinges of the row with the front face to the end, and again subtract on the other side. 
So knit, until all 4 spokes will not have 10 loops. 
Elastic: then knit with an elastic band 1litsevaya, 1 purl 8 rows in a circle.

Teeth: knit the same way as at the base of the bootie: 2 rows of facial loops, in 
the 3rd row - 2 persons. together, 1 cape, etc., further 2 rows - facial 
loops. Bend the denticles and the hinges of the last row gently sewed with a 
needle to the base of the denticles from the purl strontium. 

crochet a chain of air loops 42 cm long, thread it into an elastic band of 
booties, make pompoms and sew to string. 

You can decorate 
booties instead of pompoms with flowers, for this, dial the blue thread 16
loops - you need to use knitting from the center of the circle. To do this, the 
index finger of the left hand is wound with a thread, the formed ring is 
removed from the finger and tied with 16 loops. Then 
distribute the loops on the spokes (4 loops each), tighten the ring at the beginning of the 
thread. Knit in a circle 2 rows, in the 3rd row knit - 2 persons. together, 1 
cape, etc. , 4th and 5th row - facial smoothness. Pass the thread through all the 
loops of the last row and pull off. Connect the two sides of the flower, in the 
hole to stretch the string, folded at the end of the double, sew. To do
the other end of the string in an elastic band booties, sew the 2nd flower.

Source : http://www.livemaster.ru/holga-m/workshop

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