Beautiful and practical booties for baby

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They can be connected even without a lot of experience and without high costs. It is best to use acrylic yarn so that the web does not deform or shed after washing. Simple and affordable scheme will help you easily cope with the creation of these wonderful boots. 

Level of difficulty: 2 (5). 

Size: length of a sole is 15 cm. 

You will need: 

Materials: 40 grams of an acrylic yarn, the remains of a multi-colored yarn for florets, 250 m / 100 grams. 

Tools: straight needles No. 4, hook No. 3, knitting needle with a wide eyelet. 

Knitting technique: the front surface, kerchief knitting, crocheting according to the scheme. 

Knitting density: free. 
We knit elements with 

needles we collect 47 loops, we knit 12 rows with garter-knitting - this will be the sole. Then go to knitting under the knitting pattern of bootees. In the purl rows of the loop we knit according to the drawing. After the 38th row, knit the tops, alternating six rows of the front surface and six rows of kerchief knitting. You can emphasize the strip with a thread of a contrasting color. 

Assembly and finishing products

Starting from the top we perform a knit stitch, as shown in the diagram. Crochet number 3 knit two flowers from colored yarn and sew on the photo.

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