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Knitted strawberry hat for a little girl. Yarn wool mixture, hook number 3, beads, beads, buttons and fantasy)))  
From the Author: Initially I strung white beads on a string (I tied it, distributing it in a checkerboard pattern). 
The bottom knit like this: 6 VP in a ring, and then according to the scheme (excuse that it is so small, so what it is), she knit 9 rows = 108 loops. 
Then knitted this pattern 13 rows in the 14th row lined the pattern.  
Then knitted 3 rows of double crochets with a green thread. 
The fourth row of columns without crochet, every 9 loops, gained 8 VPs, caught them with a column (in the diagram it is marked in red for green), then again 8 VPs and continued along the row. Having knitted this way to the end, she made a connecting loop, turned the cap over, and in the opposite direction tied these arches from VP with columns with 2 nakida according to the scheme  
. where in the loop, where for the column), and starting each new leaf after 3 columns with 2 nakida, hooked the loop to the previous leaf. 
Then there are 4 rows of single crochets, and in the same rows we knit the ears according to the scheme

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