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For the sole to type on knitting needles No. 2.5 45 loops and bind 12 rows of garter stitch between the edges, then add 6 rows to round the sole at both outer edges, and also on both sides of the middle loop, 1 loop, then add in each 2 rows 2 more times = 57 loops. Then connect between the edges of the 6 rows of facial smoothness. Now bind 12 rows of garter stitch. For the front part, put 24 loops on both sides and bind 16 garter knots on the middle 9 loops, while tying the last loop on each side in each 2 rows with the next laid loop together with the front ones. Then connect on all loops 2 rows of garter stitch and 32 rows of gum, adding a loop in 1 row. Run the seams.


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